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Things To Do In Cafayate – Best Tourist Attractions In Cafayate

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  1. Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas: A stunning canyon with colorful rock formations and views of the river .
  2. La Garganta del Diablo: A narrow gorge with a waterfall and a natural amphitheater .
  3. El Anfiteatro: A large cave with excellent acoustics and a circular opening to the sky .
  4. Finca Las Nubes: A family-owned winery with organic vineyards and a panoramic terrace.
  5. Winery Nanni: A historic winery that produces organic wines and offers tastings and tours.
  6. Cascadas del Rio Colorado: A series of waterfalls and pools along a hiking trail .
  7. Museo de la Vid y el Vino: A museum that showcases the history and culture of wine making in Cafayate.
  8. Plaza Central: The main square of Cafayate, surrounded by colonial buildings and a cathedral.
  9. Catedral Nuestra Senora del Rosario: A beautiful church with a neoclassical facade and a baroque interior.
  10. El Sapo: A rock formation that resembles a frog, located near the entrance of Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas.
  11. El Obelisco: A towering rock pillar that stands out in the landscape of Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas.
  12. Mercado Artesanal Cafayate: A market where you can buy local handicrafts, souvenirs, and food products.
  13. Bodega Domingo Hermanos: A winery that specializes in Torrontes, the signature white wine of Cafayate.
  14. Bodega El Esteco: A prestigious winery that offers tours, tastings, and a luxury hotel.
  15. Bodega El Porvenir de Cafayate: A modern winery that combines tradition and innovation in its wines.
  16. Bodega El Transito: A family-run winery that produces high-quality wines and olive oil.
  17. Bodega Piatelli: A winery with a stunning architecture and a restaurant with views of the vineyards.
  18. Bodega Vasija Secreta: A winery with a long history and a museum of ancient pottery.
  19. Los Castillos: A group of rock formations that resemble castles, located near La Garganta del Diablo .
  20. Los Colorados: A red-hued hill with hiking trails and panoramic views of Cafayate.
  21. Los Medanos: A desert area with sand dunes and cacti, located near Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas.
  22. Mirador Cerro San Isidro: A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of Cafayate and the surrounding mountains.
  23. Mirador Tres Cruces: A viewpoint that overlooks the entrance of Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas.
  24. Museo Arqueologico Rodolfo Bravo: A museum that displays archaeological artifacts from the pre-Columbian cultures of the region.
  25. Museo de Arqueologia Calchaqui y Tradiciones Populares: A museum that exhibits objects related to the Calchaqui culture and the local traditions.
  26. Museo del Automovil Clasico Cafayate: A museum that showcases classic cars from different eras and countries.
  27. Parque Nacional Los Cardones: A national park that protects a large area of cacti and other native flora and fauna.
  28. Paseo de los Artesanos Cafayateños: A street where you can find local artisans selling their products and displaying their skills.
  29. Paseo de los Colorados: A scenic walk along a red-hued canyon near Cafayate.
  30. Quebrada de las Flechas: A valley with sharp and twisted rock formations that resemble arrows.
  31. Quebrada de las Conchas: A canyon with diverse and colorful rock formations, such as the Devil’s Throat, the Amphitheater, the Obelisk, and the Frog.
  32. Reserva Natural Quebrada de las Conchas: A natural reserve that protects the biodiversity and geology of Quebrada de las Conchas.
  33. Rio Calchaqui: A river that runs through Cafayate and offers opportunities for fishing, rafting, and kayaking.
  34. Ruinas de Quilmes: The ruins of an ancient fortified city of the Quilmes people, who resisted the Spanish invasion for over a century.
  35. Salinas Grandes: A large salt flat that covers an area of 212 km2 and offers a surreal landscape of white and blue.
  36. San Carlos: A small town near Cafayate that preserves its colonial charm and history.
  37. Tafi del Valle: A picturesque town in the Calchaqui Valley that offers a variety of attractions, such as cheese factories, museums, and archaeological sites.
  38. Viñas de Cafayate Wine Resort: A resort that offers accommodation, spa, restaurant, and wine cellar in a beautiful setting of vineyards and mountains.
  39. Yacochuya: A winery that produces premium wines with the collaboration of the renowned oenologist Michel Rolland.
  40. Yungas: A subtropical forest that covers the eastern slopes of the Andes and hosts a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

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