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Dresden Travel Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Ideas – Things To Do In Dresden

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We hope this Dresden Travel Guide helps you discover the best Tourist Attractions in Dresden. Dresden is a beautiful city in Germany that has many Sights and landmarks to explore. Whether you are interested in history, culture, or nature, you will find something to enjoy in Dresden. In this guide, we will give you some Tips and ideas for Things To Do in Dresden, such as taking free tours, visiting museums, shopping, and experiencing the nightlife. You will also learn about the best pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos, football stadiums, and food in Dresden. So get ready to have a wonderful time in this amazing city!

This Dresden Travel Guide lists the top Dresden attractions:

  1. Frauenkirche: A magnificent baroque church that was rebuilt after World War II.
  2. Zwinger: A complex of museums and gardens that showcases art, porcelain, and scientific instruments.
  3. Semperoper: A stunning opera house that hosts world-class performances and tours.
  4. Brühl’s Terrace: A scenic promenade along the Elbe river that offers views of the city and the bridge.
  5. Procession of Princes: A 102-meter-long mural that depicts the rulers of Saxony from 1127 to 1904.
  6. Dresden Castle: A historic palace that houses several museums, including the Green Vault and the Armory.
  7. Fürstenzug: A tiled walkway that connects the castle and the church, decorated with portraits of Saxon nobility.
  8. Albertinum: A museum that displays modern art from the 19th to the 21st century, as well as sculptures and coins.
  9. Neustadt: A vibrant district that features colorful street art, trendy cafes, and alternative culture.
  10. Pfunds Molkerei: A dairy shop that claims to be the most beautiful in the world, with ornate tiles and frescoes.
  11. Katholische Hofkirche: A Catholic cathedral that stands out for its imposing facade and dome.
  12. Großer Garten: A large park that offers green spaces, fountains, a zoo, and a miniature railway.
  13. Panometer Dresden: A former gasometer that displays a 360-degree panorama of Dresden in 1945 and 1756.
  14. Kunsthofpassage: A series of courtyards that feature artistic installations and quirky shops.
  15. Pillnitz Castle & Park: A former summer residence of the Saxon kings, with a mix of baroque, rococo, and Asian styles.
  16. Dresden Transport Museum: A museum that showcases the history and development of various modes of transport.
  17. Yenidze: A former cigarette factory that resembles a mosque, with a dome and stained glass windows.
  18. Old Masters Picture Gallery: A museum that exhibits paintings by famous artists such as Raphael, Rembrandt, and Vermeer.
  19. Loschwitz Bridge: A historic bridge that spans the Elbe river, also known as the Blue Wonder.
  20. Military History Museum: A museum that explores the impact of war and violence on society and culture.
  21. German Hygiene Museum: A museum that educates visitors about health, medicine, and the human body.
  22. Theaterplatz: A square that is surrounded by some of the most iconic buildings in Dresden, such as the opera house and the cathedral.
  23. Stallhof: A medieval courtyard that hosts events such as Christmas markets and jousting tournaments.
  24. Japanese Palace: A former royal residence that now houses a museum of ethnology and a library.
  25. Dresden City Museum: A museum that traces the history and culture of Dresden from its origins to the present day.
  26. Schloss & Park Pillnitz: A castle and park that combines baroque, rococo, and Asian influences.
  27. Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister: A gallery that displays paintings by renowned artists such as Raphael, Rembrandt, and Vermeer.
  28. Residenzschloss Dresden: A palace that contains several museums, including the Grünes Gewölbe and the Rüstkammer.
  29. Grünes Gewölbe: A museum that exhibits a collection of precious objects and jewels from the Saxon electors and kings.
  30. Rüstkammer: A museum that displays weapons, armor, and costumes from the Saxon court.

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