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Dubovica is a beautiful beach on the island of Hvar in Croatia. It is located about 10 km east of Hvar Town and can be reached by taxi, scooter, bicycle or boat. Dubovica is a hidden gem that offers crystal clear water, a pebbly shore and a stunning view of the surrounding mountains and vegetation. Dubovica is open all year round, but the best time to visit is from May to October when the weather is warm and sunny. The beach is free to enter, but you may need to pay for parking or rent a sunbed or umbrella. There are also some restaurants and bars nearby where you can enjoy local cuisine and drinks.

If you are looking for some adventure, you can explore the natural cave near the beach that has two entrances and two levels. The first level is easy to access and has shallow water, while the second level is underwater and requires some diving skills. You can also snorkel or scuba dive in the clear water and see the colorful marine life. Dubovica is a great place to relax and enjoy nature, but there are some prohibitions you should follow. You should not litter, make noise, camp or light fires on the beach. You should also respect the privacy of the locals who live in the historic stone house on the beach.

Dubovica is one of the most charming places in Croatia and a must-see for anyone visiting Hvar. You will be amazed by its beauty and tranquility. Here are some tips to make your visit more enjoyable:

  • Bring sunscreen, water, snacks and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting wet or dirty.
  • Be careful when walking down the steep path to the beach and watch your step on the rocks.
  • If you want to avoid crowds, go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
  • If you want to take a tour of the island, you can book a boat trip from Hvar Town that will take you to Dubovica and other beaches.

Dubovica is a perfect destination for a day trip or a longer stay. You will fall in love with its natural beauty and charm. Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the best beaches in Croatia!

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