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Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that offers a stunning view of the city and its surroundings. It was built for the 1960 Floriade, a horticultural exhibition, and is a listed monument since 2010. Here are some information about Euromast that you might find useful:

  • Description: Euromast is a concrete structure with an internal diameter of 9 m (30 ft) and a wall thickness of 30 cm (12 in). It has a «crow’s nest» observation platform at 96 m (315 ft) above ground and a restaurant. It also has two luxury suites where you can spend the night. In 1970, an additional 85 m (279 ft) were added to the tower, making it the highest building in the Netherlands with a total height of 184.6 m (606 ft).
  • Ticket price: The ticket price for Euromast is €11.50 for adults, €9.50 for students and seniors, and €7.25 for children aged 4-11. Children under 4 can enter for free. The ticket gives you access to the 100 m platform and the Euroscoop, a rotating glass elevator that takes you to the top of the tower. You can also buy a combination ticket with other attractions in Rotterdam, such as Spido harbor tours or Splashtours amphibious bus tours.
  • Open/close days/hours: Euromast is open every day of the year from 9:30 am to 10:00 pm. The last admission is at 9:15 pm. The restaurant is open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm on weekdays and from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm on weekends. The kitchen closes at 10:00 pm. The suites are available for check-in from 3:00 pm and check-out until 12:00 pm.
  • How to get: Euromast is located at Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam. You can reach it by public transport, car, bike or foot. By public transport, you can take tram line 8 from Rotterdam Central Station or metro line D or E to Dijkzigt station and then walk for about 15 minutes. By car, you can follow the signs for Euromast and park at the nearby parking lot for €10 per day. By bike, you can use the bike paths along the Maas river or through Het Park. By foot, you can enjoy a scenic walk through Het Park or along the riverfront.
  • Tips: Here are some tips to make your visit to Euromast more enjoyable:
    • Book your tickets online in advance to avoid queues and get discounts.
    • Check the weather forecast before you go and dress accordingly. The tower can be windy and cold at higher levels.
    • Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the amazing views and share them with your friends.
    • Try some of the local specialties at the restaurant, such as Rotterdamse kroketten (croquettes) or poffertjes (mini pancakes).
    • If you are feeling adventurous, you can abseil or zip-line from the tower with professional instructors. This activity is only available on certain days and requires reservation.
  • Tours: Euromast offers guided tours for groups of 10 or more people. You can choose from different themes, such as architecture, history, art or sustainability. The tours last about an hour and cost €17.50 per person, including admission to the tower. You can also book a private tour for €250 per group (maximum 20 people). The tours are available in Dutch, English, German or French. You need to book your tour at least two weeks in advance by contacting info@euromast.nl or calling +31 (0)10 4364811.
  • What to see: From Euromast, you can see many landmarks and attractions of Rotterdam and beyond. Some of them are:
    • Erasmus Bridge: A striking cable-stayed bridge that connects the north and south parts of Rotterdam. It is nicknamed «The Swan» because of its graceful shape.
    • Kop van Zuid: A modern district on the south bank of the Maas river that features skyscrapers, museums, theaters and hotels.
    • Katendrecht: A former sailors’ quarter that has been transformed into a hip and multicultural neighborhood with cafes, restaurants and cultural venues.
    • De Rotterdam: A complex of three interconnected towers that house offices, apartments, a hotel and a restaurant. It is designed by the famous architect Rem Koolhaas and is one of the largest buildings in Europe.
    • SS Rotterdam: A former ocean liner that is now a hotel, museum and event venue. It is moored at the Katendrecht peninsula and is a symbol of Rotterdam’s maritime heritage.
    • Delfshaven: A historic harbor district that dates back to the 14th century. It is where the Pilgrim Fathers departed for America in 1620 and where you can find the oldest brewery in Rotterdam.
    • Kinderdijk: A UNESCO World Heritage Site that consists of 19 windmills that were built in the 18th century to drain the polder. It is located about 15 km (9 mi) east of Rotterdam and can be reached by boat, bus or bike.
  • Prohibitions: Euromast has some rules and regulations that you need to follow for your own safety and comfort. Some of them are:
    • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the tower, including the observation platform, the restaurant and the suites.
    • Pets are not allowed in the tower, except for guide dogs or service animals.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed on the observation platform or in the Euroscoop. You can only consume them in the restaurant or in your suite.
    • Drones are not allowed to fly near or above the tower, as they can pose a risk to the tower’s structure and visitors.
    • Weapons, fireworks, drugs and alcohol are not allowed in the tower. You may be asked to show your ID or undergo a security check before entering the tower.

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