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Haarlemmerhout is a historic park in the city of Haarlem, Netherlands. It is the oldest public park in the country and has been a popular destination for locals and visitors since the 17th century. The park covers an area of 32 hectares and features a variety of trees, plants, ponds, statues, monuments and playgrounds.

The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset and admission is free. You can get to Haarlemmerhout by bus, bike or car. There are several parking spaces available near the park entrance. If you want to explore the park in more depth, you can join one of the guided tours that are offered on weekends and holidays. The tours last about an hour and cost 5 euros per person. You can also rent a bike or a pedal boat to enjoy the park at your own pace.

Some of the tips for visiting Haarlemmerhout are: bring a picnic basket and enjoy a meal on the grass or at one of the picnic tables, visit the Hildebrand monument and learn about the famous Dutch writer who lived in Haarlem, admire the sculptures and artworks that are scattered throughout the park, watch the birds and squirrels that inhabit the park, and relax on one of the benches or hammocks.

There are some prohibitions that you should be aware of when visiting Haarlemmerhout. You are not allowed to: litter, smoke, drink alcohol, play loud music, camp, barbecue, or feed the animals. You should also respect the nature and the history of the park and avoid damaging or picking any plants or flowers.

Some of the attractions that you can see in Haarlemmerhout are: the Pavilion Welgelegen, a neoclassical palace that now houses the provincial government of North Holland, the Houtplein fountain, a modern water feature that symbolizes the connection between Haarlem and its surroundings, the Hildebrand monument, a bronze statue of Nicolaas Beets, a famous Dutch writer who used Hildebrand as his pen name, the Koepelkathedraal, a stunning Gothic cathedral that dominates the skyline of Haarlem, and the Heilige Geesthofje, a charming courtyard with almshouses that date back to the 15th century.

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