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Hamburg Travel Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Ideas – Things To Do In Hamburg

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Welcome to this Hamburg Travel Guide! We hope it helps you discover the best Tourist Attractions in Hamburg, a vibrant city full of Sights, landmarks, and culture. Whether you are looking for Tips and ideas on Things To Do in Hamburg, or you want to explore the city’s history and art through its museums and free tours, this guide has something for everyone. You will also find information on Hamburg’s nightlife, where you can enjoy pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos, and even football stadiums. And of course, you will not want to miss the delicious food that Hamburg has to offer, from traditional dishes to international cuisine. So get ready to experience Hamburg like never before!

This Hamburg Travel Guide lists the top Hamburg attractions:

  1. Miniatur Wunderland: The world’s largest model railway exhibition, with detailed scenes from various countries and regions.
  2. Speicherstadt: The historic warehouse district, where you can admire the red-brick architecture and visit museums, shops, and cafés.
  3. Elbphilharmonie: The stunning concert hall that dominates the skyline of the harbor, with a public plaza and panoramic views.
  4. Hamburg Rathaus: The impressive city hall that showcases the wealth and history of Hamburg, with guided tours and exhibitions.
  5. St. Michael’s Church: The landmark church with a 132-meter-high tower that offers a splendid view of the city and the port.
  6. Planten un Blomen: A beautiful park with botanical gardens, fountains, playgrounds, and cultural events.
  7. International Maritime Museum: A museum that displays the history and diversity of maritime culture, with models, paintings, uniforms, and more.
  8. Alter Elbtunnel: A historic tunnel that connects the city center with the port, with pedestrian and bicycle lanes and art installations.
  9. HafenCity: A modern urban development project that transforms the old port area into a lively neighborhood with shops, restaurants, and attractions.
  10. St. Pauli Piers: The largest landing place in Hamburg, where you can board ferries, cruise ships, or sightseeing boats.
  11. Reeperbahn: The famous red-light district that also offers nightlife, entertainment, and cultural venues.
  12. Hamburg Dungeon: A horror-themed attraction that recreates the dark history of Hamburg with live actors and special effects.
  13. Dialog im Dunkeln: An exhibition that challenges your senses by letting you experience everyday situations in complete darkness.
  14. Alster Lakes: Two artificial lakes that form the heart of Hamburg, surrounded by parks, promenades, and elegant buildings.
  15. Kunsthalle Hamburg: A museum that houses one of the largest collections of art in Germany, from medieval to contemporary works.
  16. Tierpark Hagenbeck: A zoo that features more than 1,800 animals from different continents, as well as a tropical aquarium and an adventure park.
  17. St. Nicholas’ Church: The ruins of a former church that was destroyed in World War II, now serving as a memorial and a museum.
  18. Chilehaus: A striking example of expressionist architecture, shaped like a ship’s bow and made of brick.
  19. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe: A museum that showcases the applied arts and design, from ancient to modern times.
  20. Cap San Diego: A museum ship that was once a cargo vessel, now open to visitors who can explore its cabins and decks.
  21. Rickmer Rickmers: Another museum ship that was once a sailing ship, now displaying exhibits about life at sea and maritime history.
  22. Deichtorhallen: Two former market halls that have been converted into exhibition spaces for contemporary art and photography.
  23. Ohlsdorf Cemetery: The largest rural cemetery in the world, covering 389 hectares and containing more than 1.5 million graves.
  24. Beatles-Platz: A square that commemorates the Beatles’ early career in Hamburg, with metal silhouettes of the band members and a record-shaped floor.
  25. HSV Museum: A museum dedicated to the history and achievements of Hamburger SV, one of Germany’s oldest football clubs.
  26. Altonaer Balkon: A park that offers a scenic view of the Elbe river and the port, as well as a monument to Otto von Bismarck.
  27. Jenisch Haus: A neoclassical mansion that hosts a museum of regional culture and art, as well as temporary exhibitions and events.
  28. Museum der Arbeit: A museum that explores the social and economic history of labor in Hamburg, with interactive displays and workshops.
  29. U-434: A former Soviet submarine that is now open to the public, where you can learn about its history and technology.
  30. Fischmarkt: A traditional fish market that takes place every Sunday morning, where you can also find fresh produce, flowers, clothing, and souvenirs.

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