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Heidelberg Travel Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Ideas – Things To Do In Heidelberg

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Heidelberg Travel Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Ideas - Things To Do In Heidelberg

We hope this Heidelberg Travel Guide helps you discover the best Tourist Attractions in Heidelberg, a charming city in Germany. You will find many Sights and landmarks to explore, as well as Tips and ideas for Things To Do in Heidelberg. Whether you are interested in free tours, tourism, shopping, museums, nightlife, pubs, restaurants, clubs, discos, football stadiums or food, Heidelberg has something for everyone. Read on to learn more about this wonderful destination.

This Heidelberg Travel Guide lists the top Heidelberg attractions:

1. Heidelberg Castle: A stunning ruin of a Renaissance palace overlooking the Old Town. A must-see for history and architecture lovers.
2. Hauptstrasse and the Altstadt: The main street and the historic heart of Heidelberg, full of charming buildings, shops, cafes, and churches.
3. Old Bridge: A beautiful stone bridge across the Neckar river, offering scenic views of the castle and the city.
4. Philosopher’s Walk: A pleasant path along the hillside opposite the Old Town, where philosophers and poets used to stroll and admire the panorama.
5. Heidelberg University: The oldest university in Germany, founded in 1386, with a rich academic heritage and a museum, a Great Hall, and a student jail to visit.
6. Heidelberg-Königstuhl State Observatory: A historic observatory on top of the Königstuhl hill, where you can learn about astronomy and see ancient telescopes.
7. Heidelberg Zoo: A popular attraction for families, with over 1,000 animals from different continents and habitats.
8. Heidelberg Tun: A gigantic wine barrel in the castle cellar, holding over 220,000 liters of wine. It was built in 1751 and has a dance floor on top of it.
9. Studentenkarzer: The old student prison, where unruly students were locked up for minor offenses between 1778 and 1914. You can see their graffiti and carvings on the walls.
10. Church of the Holy Spirit: The most prominent church in Heidelberg, dating back to the 14th century. It has a Gothic tower and a Renaissance interior.
11. Kurpfälzisches Museum: The regional museum of Heidelberg, showcasing art, history, and culture from the Palatinate area. It has paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fossils, and more.
12. Thingstätte: An open-air amphitheater on the Heiligenberg hill, built by the Nazis for propaganda purposes. It is now used for cultural events and festivals.
13. Botanischer Garten: The botanical garden of Heidelberg University, with over 14,000 plant species from around the world. It also has greenhouses, ponds, and a Japanese garden.
14. Deutsches Apotheken-Museum: The German pharmacy museum, located in the castle complex. It displays old instruments, books, jars, and medicines related to pharmacy history.
15. Carl Bosch Museum: A museum dedicated to the life and work of Carl Bosch, a Nobel Prize-winning chemist who invented the Haber-Bosch process for ammonia synthesis.
16. Alte Brücke Museum: A small museum inside one of the towers of the Old Bridge, where you can see exhibits about the bridge’s history and construction.
17. Märchenparadies: A fairy tale park on the Königstuhl hill, with attractions and rides based on famous stories and characters. It is fun for children and adults alike.
18. Jesuitenkirche: A baroque church built by the Jesuits in the 18th century. It has a splendid facade, a dome, and an organ.
19. Schloss Schwetzingen: A rococo palace in the nearby town of Schwetzingen, with a magnificent garden and a theater.
20. Neckarwiese: A large green area along the Neckar river, where you can relax, picnic, play sports, or swim in the summer.
21. Prinzhorn Collection: A unique collection of art created by psychiatric patients between 1840 and 1945. It has paintings, drawings, sculptures, and textiles that express their emotions and experiences.
22. Tinnunculus Falknerei: A falconry center on the Königstuhl hill, where you can watch birds of prey demonstrations and learn about their biology and behavior.
23. Völkerkundemuseum: An ethnographic museum with exhibits from Africa, Asia, Oceania, and America. It has masks, weapons, costumes, musical instruments, and more.
24. Sammlung Prinzhorn: A modern art museum with works by contemporary artists who are inspired by or related to mental illness or social exclusion.
25. Schloss Heiligenberg: A castle ruin on the Heiligenberg hill, dating back to the 12th century. It was once a residence of the bishops of Worms and later a monastery.

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