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Kampa Island

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Kampa Island is an island in the Vltava river in central Prague, on the side of Malá Strana. It is connected to the mainland by Charles Bridge and by a street called ulice Na Kampě. The island is separated from Malá Strana by a narrow artificial channel called the Devil’s Stream, which was dug to power water mills.

Kampa Island is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, as it offers great views, some incredible art, and a few surprises. One of the main attractions is Museum Kampa, a modern art gallery that showcases central European and Czech artists, such as František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund. The museum also features some quirky sculptures outside, such as giant red dogs and a huge chair over the river.

Another famous spot on Kampa Island is the Lennon Wall, a wall covered with graffiti, lyrics, and messages inspired by John Lennon and his songs. The wall started as a symbol of protest against the communist regime in the 1980s, and has since become a place of expression and creativity. The wall is constantly changing, as new layers of paint are added by visitors every day.

Kampa Island also has some hidden gems, such as the Werich Villa, a 17th-century mansion that belonged to Czech actor and writer Jan Werich, who lived there for 40 years until his death in 1980. The villa is currently being restored and turned into a museum and cultural center. Another curious sight is a picture of the Virgin Mary hanging on a balcony near the bridge, which was allegedly found floating on the canal during a flood and saved the island from further damage.

Kampa Island is open to visitors all year round, and can be easily reached by foot from Charles Bridge or by tram from Malá Strana. There are also guided tours available that provide more information and insights about the history and culture of the island. Some tips for visiting Kampa Island are: wear comfortable shoes, as the cobblestone streets can be uneven; bring a camera, as there are many photo opportunities; and respect the art and the environment, as Kampa Island is a place of beauty and inspiration.

Prohibitions on Kampa Island include: littering, vandalism, camping, fires, loud music, and disturbing the wildlife. Visitors are expected to follow these rules and behave responsibly while enjoying the island.

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