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Letna Park

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Letna Park is a large public park located on a hill overlooking the Vltava River and the city of Prague. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, who enjoy its green spaces, scenic views, cultural monuments, and recreational facilities. Here are some useful information and tips for visiting Letna Park:

  • The park is open every day from dawn to dusk. There is no admission fee to enter the park, but some attractions may charge a small fee or require a reservation.
  • The easiest way to get to the park is by public transport. You can take tram 1, 8, 12, 15, 17, 25, or 26 to the Letenské náměstí stop, or tram 6 or 17 to the Čechův most stop. From there, you can walk up the stairs or take the funicular to the park entrance.
  • The park offers various tours and activities for visitors of all ages and interests. You can join a guided walking tour of the park’s history and landmarks, rent a bike or a segway and explore the trails, or enjoy a picnic or a beer at one of the many cafes and restaurants in the park.
  • Some of the main attractions in the park include the Metronome, a giant kinetic sculpture that replaced a former Stalin monument; the Hanavský Pavilion, a neo-Baroque building that hosts exhibitions and events; the National Technical Museum, which showcases the history of science and technology in the Czech Republic; and the Letná Beer Garden, which offers a wide selection of local beers and snacks with a stunning view of the city.
  • There are some prohibitions and rules that visitors should follow when visiting the park. For example, you should not litter, damage the plants or trees, make loud noises, or disturb the wildlife. You should also keep your dogs on a leash and clean up after them. Smoking is not allowed in some areas of the park, such as playgrounds and sports fields.
  • There are many things to see and do in Letna Park, but some of the highlights are: watching the sunset from the Metronome platform; admiring the panoramic views of Prague from the Hanavský Pavilion terrace; learning about the history and culture of Prague at the National Technical Museum; and relaxing with a cold beer and a snack at the Letná Beer Garden.

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