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Most Famous Cathedrals In United States

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United States is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, and one of the ways to appreciate its history and beauty is to visit its magnificent Cathedrals. Whether you are a religious person or not, you can admire the architecture, art, and symbolism of these sacred places that have witnessed centuries of events and changes. In this Travel Guide, we will introduce you to some of the most famous Cathedrals in United States that you should not miss if you are planning to explore this aspect of the american culture.

  1. Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City (Catedral de San Juan el Divino): This is the largest cathedral in the world, measuring 601 feet long and 232 feet high. It was built in 1892 in a Gothic Revival style, but it also incorporates Romanesque and Byzantine elements. The cathedral has a rich history and hosts many cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, and interfaith dialogues.
  2. Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C. (Catedral Nacional de Washington): This is the second-largest cathedral in the country and the sixth-largest in the world. It was completed in 1990 after 83 years of construction. It has a Neo-Gothic design with over 200 stained glass windows, 112 gargoyles, and 288 angels. The cathedral is a symbol of national unity and serves as a venue for presidential funerals, state occasions, and ecumenical services.
  3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City (Catedral de San Patricio): This is the largest Catholic cathedral in the country and one of the most visited landmarks in the city. It was built between 1858 and 1878 in a Neo-Gothic style, with twin spires that rise 330 feet above the street. The cathedral has a capacity of 3,000 people and features a marble altar, a rose window, and a pipe organ with 7,855 pipes.
  4. Grace Cathedral in San Francisco (Catedral de la Gracia): This is the third-largest Episcopal cathedral in the country and a prominent landmark in the city. It was completed in 1964 in a French Gothic style, inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. The cathedral has many artistic treasures, such as stained glass windows depicting scenes from San Francisco’s history, two labyrinths for meditation, and a replica of Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise.
  5. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis in St. Louis (Basílica Catedral de San Luis): This is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world, with one of the largest mosaic collections. It was built between 1907 and 1988 in a Romanesque-Byzantine style, with a green dome that dominates the skyline. The cathedral has over 41 million tiles in over 7,000 colors, covering an area of 83,000 square feet. The mosaics depict scenes from the Bible, the history of Christianity, and the life of St. Louis.
  6. Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul (Catedral de San Pablo): This is the fourth-largest church in the country and the national shrine of the Apostle Paul. It was built between 1906 and 1915 in a Classical Revival style, with a dome that rises 306 feet above the ground. The cathedral has a majestic interior with marble columns, statues, paintings, and stained glass windows. It also has a crypt that contains the tombs of several archbishops.
  7. St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco (Catedral de Santa María): This is a modern and innovative cathedral that was built in 1971 to replace an older church that was destroyed by fire. It has a circular plan and a hyperbolic paraboloid shape that resembles a tent or a cone. The cathedral has a height of 190 feet and a diameter of 255 feet. It has four large windows that form a cross and allow natural light to enter.
  8. Trinity Cathedral in Miami (Catedral de la Trinidad): This is the oldest church in Miami and the first Episcopal church in South Florida. It was built in 1925 in a Mediterranean Revival style, with a bell tower that houses the oldest set of change ringing bells in the country. The cathedral has a cozy interior with wooden beams, stained glass windows, and an organ with 2,255 pipes.
  9. Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine in St. Augustine (Basílica Catedral de San Agustín): This is the oldest Catholic parish in the country and the seat of the first bishopric in America. It was built between 1793 and 1797 in a Spanish Colonial style, with a coquina facade and a bell tower. The cathedral has survived several fires and attacks over its history and has been restored several times. It has a beautiful interior with a wooden ceiling, a marble altar, and a statue of Our Lady of La Leche.
  10. Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle in Washington D.C. (Catedral de San Mateo Apóstol): This is the seat of the archbishop of Washington and the site of many historic events, such as the funeral of President John F. Kennedy. It was built between 1893 and 1913 in a Romanesque-Byzantine style, with a red brick exterior and a green tiled dome. The cathedral has a splendid interior with marble columns, mosaics, frescoes, and stained glass windows. It also has a shrine dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the city.

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