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Museum Mayer van den Bergh

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The Museum Mayer van den Bergh is a museum in Antwerp, Belgium, that houses the collection of the art dealer and collector Fritz Mayer van den Bergh (1858-1901). He amassed a remarkable collection of mostly Gothic and Renaissance art from the Netherlands and Belgium, including paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

The ticket price for the Museum Mayer van den Bergh is 10 euros for adults, 8 euros for seniors (65+), 6 euros for students (19-25), and free for children and young people (0-18). There are also discounts for groups and holders of certain cards. You can buy tickets online or at the museum.

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 17:00. It is closed on Mondays and some public holidays. You can check the opening hours on the museum’s website.

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh is located at Lange Gasthuisstraat 19, 2000 Antwerp. You can reach it by public transport (bus, tram, or metro), by bike, or by car. There are several parking options nearby. You can find more information on how to get to the museum on its website.

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh offers guided tours for groups and individuals, as well as audio guides and multimedia guides. You can also explore the museum at your own pace with a brochure or an app. The tours cover different themes and aspects of the collection, such as Fritz Mayer van den Bergh’s life and passion, the masterpieces of the museum, and the famous Mad Meg by Pieter Bruegel.

The Museum Mayer van den Bergh has a rich and diverse collection of artworks, ranging from paintings and sculptures to manuscripts and tapestries. Some of the attractions are:

  • Mad Meg by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a painting that depicts a woman leading an army of women to pillage Hell.
  • The Breviary of Mayer van den Bergh, an illuminated manuscript with exquisite miniatures by Flemish masters.
  • The Christ and Saint John Group by Master Heinrich of Constance, a wooden sculpture that shows a tender embrace between Jesus and John.
  • The Portrait of Elisabeth Vekemans as a Girl by Cornelis de Vos, a charming portrait of a young girl dressed as Mary Magdalene.

There are also temporary exhibitions and events that showcase different aspects of the collection or related topics.

Some tips for visiting the Museum Mayer van den Bergh are:

  • Plan your visit in advance and book your tickets online to avoid queues and ensure availability.
  • Check the website for current exhibitions and events that might interest you.
  • Allow at least an hour and a half to see the permanent collection and more time if you want to see the temporary exhibitions or join a tour.
  • Enjoy the intimate and homely atmosphere of the museum, which reflects Fritz Mayer van den Bergh’s personal taste and vision.

Some prohibitions for visiting the Museum Mayer van den Bergh are:

  • Do not touch any artworks or display cases.
  • Do not take photos or videos with flash or tripod.
  • Do not eat or drink inside the museum.
  • Do not bring large bags or backpacks into the museum. You can leave them in the cloakroom or lockers.

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