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Museum of Broken Relationships

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The Museum of Broken Relationships is a unique and fascinating place that showcases the stories and objects of failed love. It is located in Zagreb, Croatia, and was founded by two artists who decided to turn their personal breakup into a creative project. The museum displays items donated by people from all over the world, each with a brief explanation of their significance and the relationship they represent. Some of the items are funny, some are sad, some are bizarre, but all of them are intriguing and relatable.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is open every day from 9 am to 10:30 pm, except on holidays.

The Museum of Broken Relationships’s ticket price is 40 kuna (about 5 euros) for adults, 30 kuna for students and seniors, and 20 kuna for groups of more than 15 people. You can also buy a combined ticket with the Museum of Illusions for 70 kuna.

The Museum of Broken Relationships offers guided tours for groups of up to 25 people, which can be booked in advance by email or phone.

To get to the Museum of Broken Relationships, you can take tram number 6, 11, 12, or 13 to the stop called «Frankopanska». The museum is a short walk from there, on the corner of Ćirilometodska and Baruna Trenka streets. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or Uber to the address: Ćirilometodska ulica 2, 10000 Zagreb.

Some tips for visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships are:

  • Plan to spend at least an hour or two to explore the exhibits and read the stories.
  • Respect the privacy and emotions of the donors and other visitors. Do not take photos or videos of the items or the texts.
  • Bring tissues if you are easily moved by sad stories. The museum can be quite emotional for some people.
  • Enjoy the cafe and gift shop at the entrance of the museum. You can find books, souvenirs, and snacks related to the theme of the museum.
  • If you feel inspired or cathartic, you can donate your own item and story to the museum. You can fill out a form at the reception or online.

Some of the most interesting and memorable items to see at the Museum of Broken Relationships are:

  • A wedding dress stuffed in a jar
  • A garden gnome that was thrown at a car during a fight
  • A pair of handcuffs used for erotic games
  • A toaster that was never returned after a breakup
  • A love letter written by a 13-year-old boy
  • A prosthetic leg that belonged to a war veteran

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