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Noordeinde Palace

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Noordeinde Palace is one of the four official palaces of the Dutch royal family. It is located in The Hague, the capital city of South Holland province, and it serves as the working palace of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. The palace has a long and rich history, dating back to the medieval times when it was a farmhouse. It was later transformed into a grand residence by various owners, including the steward of the States of Holland, Willem van de Goudt, and the architect Jacob van Campen. The palace was also used by Queen Wilhelmina as her winter residence until 1948, when a fire destroyed part of it. Queen Juliana preferred to live in Soestdijk Palace, but some members of the royal family still used Noordeinde Palace as their offices. After a thorough restoration, the palace became the workplace of Queen Beatrix from 1984 to 2013, and then of King Willem-Alexander.

Noordeinde Palace is open to the public on certain days of the year, usually in July and August.

Visitors can buy tickets online or at the ticket office near the palace. The tickets are valid for a guided tour of the palace and its gardens, which last about an hour. The tours are available in Dutch and English, and they offer a glimpse into the history and function of the palace. The palace grounds also include the Royal Stables, where the horses and carriages of the royal family are kept, and the Dome of Fagel, a former residence of a court official that is now used for official receptions.

To get to Noordeinde Palace, visitors can take public transport or drive to The Hague. The palace is located in the city center, on Noordeinde street, number 68. There are several parking garages nearby, such as Noordeinde Parking and Museumkwartier Parking. Alternatively, visitors can take a tram or a bus to one of the stops near the palace, such as Kneuterdijk or Buitenhof.

Some tips for visiting Noordeinde Palace are:

  • Check the opening dates and times on the official website of the Dutch royal house before planning your visit.
  • Book your tickets online in advance to avoid queues and ensure availability.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as you will have to walk through several rooms and stairs during the tour.
  • Respect the rules and prohibitions of the palace, such as no photography, no food or drinks, no pets, no smoking, etc.
  • Enjoy the beauty and elegance of one of the oldest and most important palaces in the Netherlands.

Some things to see at Noordeinde Palace are:

  • The Grand Hallway, where portraits of former monarchs are displayed.
  • The Balcony Room, where King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima appeared after their wedding in 2002.
  • The Small Dining Room, where state banquets are held for foreign guests.
  • The Council Chamber, where cabinet meetings are held on special occasions.
  • The Royal Gardens, where sculptures and fountains adorn the landscape.

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