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Prague National Museum

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The Prague National Museum is the largest and oldest museum in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1818 by Kašpar Maria Šternberg, a botanist and mineralogist, and František Palacký, a historian and politician. The museum has 14 million items in its collections, covering natural history, history, arts, music and librarianship. The museum is located in several buildings, but the main one is the neo-Renaissance building in Wenceslas Square, which was completed in 1891 and recently renovated.

The museum is open every day from 10:00 to 18:00, except for some holidays. The entrance fee is 260 CZK for adults, 170 CZK for students and seniors, and free for children under 15. There are also discounts for families and groups. You can buy tickets online or at the museum’s ticket office.

To get to the museum, you can take the metro line A or C to the Muzeum station, which is right next to the museum. You can also take tram lines 3, 9, 14 or 24 to Václavské náměstí. If you are driving, you can park at the nearby Wilsonova or Opletalova garages.

The museum offers guided tours in various languages for an extra fee. You can book a tour online or by phone at least three days in advance. You can also explore the museum on your own with an audio guide or a printed guide.

There are many things to see and do at the museum. Some of the highlights are:

  • The History exhibition, which showcases the history of the Czech lands from the 8th century to the First World War.
  • The Miracles of Evolution exhibition, which displays fossils, skeletons and models of animals and plants from different geological periods.
  • The Windows into Prehistory exhibition, which reveals how life on Earth looked like millions of years ago.
  • The Earth Is Me exhibition, which explores the relationship between humans and nature and how we can protect our planet.
  • The Museum From the Cellar to the Attic exhibition, which gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the museum works and what it preserves.

There are some prohibitions that you should follow when visiting the museum. You are not allowed to:

  • Touch or damage any exhibits or displays.
  • Take photos or videos with flash or tripod.
  • Smoke, eat or drink inside the museum.
  • Bring pets, large bags or umbrellas into the museum.
  • Make noise or disturb other visitors.

The Prague National Museum is a great place to learn about the natural and cultural heritage of the Czech Republic and beyond. It is a must-see attraction for anyone who loves history, science and art.

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