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The Reichstag is a historic building in Berlin, Germany, that has been the seat of the German parliament (Bundestag) since 1999. It was originally built between 1884 and 1894 in a neoclassical style by architect Paul Wallot. The building has witnessed many significant events in German history, such as the proclamation of the republic in 1918, the Reichstag fire in 1933, and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

If you want to visit the Reichstag, you need to book a ticket online in advance. The tickets are free and allow you to access the roof terrace and the glass dome, which offer a panoramic view of the city and the parliamentary chamber. You can also join a guided tour, listen to a plenary session, or visit the Berlin Pavilion. The Reichstag is open every day from 8:00 am to midnight, with the last admission at 10:00 pm.

To get to the Reichstag, you can use public transport or bike. The nearest stations are Hauptbahnhof (main train station), Brandenburger Tor (S-Bahn), and Bundestag (U-Bahn). There are also several bus stops nearby. If you prefer to cycle, there are bike racks in front of the building.

Some tips and tours for your visit are:

  • Use the audio guide that is provided for free at the entrance. It will give you information about the history and architecture of the building, as well as the work of the parliament.
  • Check the weather forecast before you go. The glass dome can get very hot or cold depending on the season and time of day.
  • Respect the security and hygiene measures that are in place. You will need to show your ID and go through a security check before entering. You will also need to wear a mask and keep a safe distance from other visitors.
  • Explore the surrounding area of the government district, which includes other landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Federal Chancellery, and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.
  • Book a guided tour that will take you inside the Reichstag and other attractions in Berlin. You can choose from different themes and languages, depending on your interests and preferences.

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