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Sardinia Travel Guide – Tourist Attractions, Sights, Tips & Things to do

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Tourism is one of the main sectors of Sardinia’s economy. The island offers a variety of attractions and sights for visitors who want to explore its natural beauty, culture, history and cuisine. Here is a list of the top Sardinia attractions and sights:

  1. La Maddalena Archipelago National Park: A stunning marine park with crystal-clear water and pristine islands.
  2. Nuraghe Su Nuraxi: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest and best preserved nuragic complex in Sardinia.
  3. Cala Goloritzè: A picturesque cove with turquoise water and a distinctive rock arch.
  4. Cagliari Cathedral: A majestic Romanesque-Gothic church with a rich interior and a crypt with royal tombs.
  5. Neptune’s Grotto: A spectacular cave with stalactites, stalagmites and an underground lake.
  6. Costa Smeralda: A glamorous stretch of coastline with white sandy beaches and exclusive resorts.
  7. Castelsardo: A medieval town perched on a rocky hill overlooking the sea, with a castle, a cathedral and a museum of basket weaving.
  8. Tiscali: An ancient nuragic village hidden in a cave on Mount Tiscali.
  9. Tharros: An archaeological site with ruins of a Phoenician-Punic-Roman city and a beautiful view of the sea.
  10. Gorropu Gorge: A breathtaking canyon with towering walls and a rich flora and fauna.
  11. Alghero: A charming seaside town with Catalan influences, a historic center and a lively atmosphere.
  12. Bosa: A colorful town on the river Temo, with a castle, a cathedral and a traditional tannery museum.
  13. Chia Beach: A stunning beach with golden sand dunes and clear water.
  14. San Pietro Island: An island off the south-west coast of Sardinia, with a fishing village, a lighthouse and a tuna museum.
  15. Sant’Antioco Island: An island connected to Sardinia by a bridge, with a basilica, catacombs and an archaeological museum.
  16. Orgosolo: A mountain village famous for its murals depicting social and political issues.
  17. Barumini: A town with a nuragic complex, a museum and an ethnographic park.
  18. Porto Flavia: A unique mining site with a tunnel leading to a cliff-side loading platform overlooking the sea.
  19. Nora: An archaeological site with remains of a Phoenician-Punic-Roman city and a Roman theater.
  20. Isola dei Cavoli: An island off the south-east coast of Sardinia, with a lighthouse, a marine reserve and a legend of pirates.
  21. Giara di Gesturi: A plateau with wild horses, cork oaks and Mediterranean vegetation.
  22. Asinara National Park: A former prison island turned into a natural park with wild animals, hiking trails and beaches.
  23. Su Gorroppu Beach: A secluded beach with white pebbles and clear water at the mouth of the Gorropu Gorge.
  24. Basilica of San Gavino: A Romanesque church in Porto Torres, with two apses, three naves and sarcophagi of martyrs.
  25. Monte Arci: A volcanic mountain with obsidian deposits, nuraghi and hiking paths.
  26. Capo Caccia: A promontory with cliffs, caves and panoramic views of the sea and the bay of Alghero.
  27. Molentargius-Saline Regional Park: A wetland park in Cagliari, with flamingos, salt pans and bike paths.
  28. Sinis Peninsula: A coastal area with sandy beaches, lagoons, wetlands and archaeological sites.
  29. Orosei: A town on the east coast of Sardinia, with a historic center, churches and museums.
  30. Santa Teresa Gallura: A seaside resort on the north-east coast of Sardinia, with a marina, a beach and views of Corsica.

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