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Skansen Open-Air Museum

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Skansen Open-Air Museum is the world’s oldest open-air museum, located on the island of Djurgården in Stockholm, Sweden. It showcases the way of life in different parts of Sweden before the industrial era, with historic houses, farmsteads, workshops and animals. You can also experience Swedish culture and traditions through various events and activities throughout the year.

To visit Skansen Open-Air Museum, you need to buy a ticket online or at the entrance. The ticket prices vary depending on the season and age group, but children under 4 always have free entry. The ticket gives you access to all the attractions, including the Baltic Sea Science Center and the Children’s Zoo «Lill-Skansen». You can also buy an annual pass if you want to visit Skansen more than once.

The opening hours of Skansen Open-Air Museum also depend on the season and special occasions. Generally, it is open from 10:00 to 16:00 or 18:00 every day, but some days it may extend until 20:00, 21:00 or 22:00 for concerts, festivals or holidays. You can check the calendar on the website for more details.

To get to Skansen Open-Air Museum, you can take public transportation, such as bus, tram or ferry, or drive your own car. There is a parking lot near the main entrance, but it may be full during peak hours. You can also walk or bike from the city center, which takes about 30 minutes.

Some tips for visiting Skansen Open-Air Museum are:

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that suit the weather, as you will be walking a lot outdoors.
  • Bring your own food and drinks if you want to save money or have special dietary needs. There are picnic areas where you can eat your own food, but you can also buy food and drinks at various restaurants and cafés on site.
  • Plan ahead what you want to see and do, as there are many attractions and activities to choose from. You can use the map of Skansen to find your way around, or join a guided tour if you want to learn more about the history and culture of Skansen.
  • Respect the animals and plants at Skansen, and do not feed, touch or disturb them. Follow the signs and instructions of the staff and volunteers, and keep a safe distance from the animals.
  • Enjoy your visit and have fun!

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