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In this Taiwan travel guide, we will introduce you to some of the things to do in Taiwan as well as the best tourist attractions in Taiwan. Taiwan is a beautiful island nation that offers a mix of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. Whether you are looking for history, nature, or nightlife, Taiwan has something for everyone.

One of the most popular destinations in Taiwan is Taipei, the capital and largest city. Taipei is a modern metropolis with skyscrapers, museums, temples, and markets. You can visit the iconic Taipei 101, which was once the tallest building in the world, or explore the historic streets and tea houses of Jiufen, a former gold mining town. Taipei is also famous for its night markets, where you can sample delicious street food and shop for souvenirs.

Another must-see place in Taiwan is Taroko National Park, located southeast of Taipei. This park covers almost 250,000 acres of mountainous terrain and gorges. You can hike through scenic trails, admire waterfalls and cliffs, and visit temples and shrines. Some of the highlights include the Zhuilu Suspension Bridge, the Eternal Spring Shrine, and the Swallow Grotto.

If you are looking for some relaxation and wellness, you can head to the Beitou Hot Springs, just 30 minutes from downtown Taipei by MRT. Here you can soak in natural hot springs, enjoy spa treatments, and learn about the history and culture of the area. You can also visit the Hot Springs Museum, the Xinbeitou Historic Station, and Thermal Valley.

Taiwan is not only about cities and nature, but also about culture and diversity. Taiwan has a rich history of influences from China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and America. You can experience this diversity in its cuisine, language, religion, and art. You can also learn about the indigenous people of Taiwan, who have their own traditions and customs. Some of the places where you can experience the indigenous culture are Hualien County, Taitung County, Orchid Island, and Sun Moon Lake.

Taiwan is a great destination for any traveler who wants to experience a variety of things to see in Taiwan. Whether you are interested in history, nature, culture, or food, Taiwan has something for you. In this Taiwan travel guide, we have given you some Taiwan travel tips and Taiwan travel ideas to help you plan your trip. We hope you enjoy your Taiwan trip and discover the beauty and charm of this island.

We hope you found it useful and informative. Thank you for reading our Taiwan travel guide.

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