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The Shard

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The Shard is a 72-storey skyscraper in London that is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and the seventh-tallest in Europe. It was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and completed in 2012. The Shard has different functions, including offices, restaurants, a hotel, residences and a public observation deck. The observation deck, called The View from The Shard, offers a panoramic view of London from a height of 244 metres. The Shard is open every day from 10 am to 10 pm, except on Christmas Day. Tickets can be booked online or bought at the entrance, but online tickets are cheaper and guarantee entry. The Shard is located next to London Bridge station, which is well connected by train, tube and bus. Some tips for visiting The Shard are:

  • Check the weather forecast before booking your ticket, as the view can be affected by fog or rain.
  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before your booked time slot to go through security and take the lift to the observation deck.
  • Bring a camera or a smartphone to capture the stunning views of London landmarks such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Eye.
  • Enjoy a drink or a snack at one of the bars or cafes on the observation deck, or book a table at one of the restaurants on the lower floors for a special occasion.
  • Explore the interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that tell you more about the history and architecture of The Shard and London.
  • Respect the rules and prohibitions of The Shard, such as no smoking, no pets, no large bags or suitcases, no food or drink from outside, no weapons or sharp objects, no drones or remote-controlled devices, no tripods or professional cameras without permission.
  • Have fun and enjoy the experience of being at the top of one of the most iconic buildings in London!

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