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Things To Do In Alanya – Best Tourist Attractions In Alanya

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If you are looking for things to do in Alanya, you are in luck. Alanya is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, with a rich history and culture. Whether you are interested in ancient ruins, natural wonders, or modern amenities, you will find something to suit your taste. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Alanya, as well as some of the top tourist attractions in Alanya. These are the things to do in Alanya that you don’t want to miss.

Looking for things to do in Alanya? Discover the best tourist attractions in Alanya:

1. Kleopatra Beach: A sandy beach with clear water and a view of the castle.
2. Alanya Teleferik: A cable car that takes you to the top of the castle hill.
3. Alanya Kalesi: A medieval castle with walls, towers and museums.
4. Dimcay: A river valley with restaurants, picnic areas and water activities.
5. Sapadere Kanyonu: A scenic canyon with waterfalls, pools and hiking trails.
6. Alanya Gardens: A park with flowers, fountains and statues.
7. Red Tower: A historical tower that was part of the defensive system of the city.
8. Konaklı Time Center: A shopping mall with a clock tower and a fountain show.
9. Dim Cave: A natural cave with stalactites, stalagmites and bats.
10. Alanya Limanı: The harbor of Alanya with boats, cafes and nightlife.
11. Neva Outlet: An outlet mall with local and international brands.
12. Damlatas Caves: A cave with a high concentration of carbon dioxide and beneficial for respiratory diseases.
13. Sealanya Dolphinpark: A marine park with dolphins, sea lions and other animals.
14. Alanya Shipyard: A historical shipyard that was built by the Seljuks in the 13th century.
15. Seyir Terasi: A viewpoint with panoramic views of the city and the sea.
16. Water Planet Aqua Park: A water park with slides, pools and entertainment.
17. Alanya Arkeoloji Muzesi: An archaeological museum with exhibits from different periods and cultures.
18. Alanya Aquapark: Another water park with slides, pools and games.
19. Alara Han: A caravanserai that was built by the Seljuks in the 13th century.
20. Alanya Atatürk House Museum: A museum that displays the life and belongings of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
21. Alanya Lunapark: An amusement park with rides, games and shows.
22. Alanya Culture Center: A cultural center that hosts events, exhibitions and performances.
23. House of Atatürk and Ethnography Museum: A museum that showcases the traditional life and culture of Alanya.
24. Alaaddin Keykubat Parkı: A park with statues, monuments and a fountain dedicated to Alaaddin Keykubat, the Seljuk sultan who conquered Alanya in 1221.
25. Kızıl Kule Museum: A museum that displays the history and culture of Alanya through various artifacts and models.
26. Tosmur Waterfall: A waterfall that flows into the Dim river near Tosmur town.
27. Syedra Castle: The ruins of an ancient city and castle on a hill overlooking the sea.
28. İncekum Beach: A beach with fine sand and shallow water near Avsallar town.
29. Mahmutlar Beach Parkı: A beach park with facilities, activities and entertainment near Mahmutlar town.
30. Gold Cable Park: A cable park that offers wakeboarding, water skiing and other water sports on an artificial lake near Okurcalar town.
31. Ulas Beach & Picnic Area: A beach and picnic area with facilities, shade and views near Ulas town.
32. Hamaxia Antique City: The ruins of an ancient city on a hill near Demirtas town.
33. Laertes Antique City: The ruins of another ancient city on a hill near Oba town.
34. Pirates Cave (Korsanlar Mağarası): A cave that was used by pirates in the past near Cikcilli town.
35. Kadıini Cave (Kadıini Mağarası): Another cave that has traces of human habitation from prehistoric times near Cikcilli town.
36. Adam Atacagi (Man Thrower): A rock formation that resembles a man throwing a stone near Gazipasa town.
37. Yalan Dunya Cave (Lying World Cave): A cave that has an optical illusion that makes it seem like the ceiling is moving near Gazipasa town.
38. Selinus Antik Kenti (Selinus Ancient City): The ruins of an ancient city where the Roman emperor Trajan died in 117 AD near Gazipasa town.
39. Koru Beach: A beach with a blue flag and a natural environment near Gazipasa town.
40. Anamurium Antik Kenti (Anamurium Ancient City): The ruins of an ancient city that was founded by the Phoenicians and later ruled by the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans near Anamur town.

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