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Things To do In Amsterdam – Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam

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If you’re looking for Things To Do In Amsterdam and Tourist Attractions In Amsterdam, you’ll find no shortage of options. The city is full of sights and landmarks that are sure to impress. From the historic palaces and cathedrals to the world-class museums, there’s something for everyone. Take a stroll through one of the many beautiful parks or visit one of the city’s many cathedrals, churches, synagogues or mosques. If you’re interested in learning more about the city’s history, take one of the many tours available. For sports fans, Amsterdam is home to some of the most famous football stadiums in the world. And don’t forget to pay a visit to one of the city’s historic cemeteries. With so much to see and do, you’ll never run out of Things To Do In Amsterdam.

  1. Rijksmuseum: The largest and most visited art museum in the Netherlands, showcasing works by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.
  2. Anne Frank House: The former hiding place of Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi occupation, now a museum dedicated to her life and legacy.
  3. Van Gogh Museum: A museum that houses the largest collection of paintings, drawings and letters by Vincent van Gogh, as well as works by his contemporaries.
  4. Vondelpark: The most popular park in Amsterdam, with beautiful gardens, ponds, playgrounds and cafes.
  5. Canal Ring: The historic network of canals that encircles the city center, lined with charming houses, bridges and boats.
  6. Dam Square: The main square of Amsterdam, where you can find the Royal Palace, the National Monument and the New Church.
  7. Jordaan: A picturesque neighborhood with narrow streets, quaint shops, art galleries and cozy cafes.
  8. Red Light District: The infamous area where prostitution is legal and regulated, also known as De Wallen.
  9. Heineken Experience: A brewery tour that takes you through the history and production of Heineken beer, with interactive exhibits and tastings.
  10. NEMO Science Museum: A fun and educational museum for kids and adults alike, with hands-on experiments and exhibits on science and technology.
  11. ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo: The oldest zoo in the Netherlands, home to over 900 species of animals and a planetarium.
  12. Rembrandt House Museum: The former residence and studio of Rembrandt van Rijn, where you can see his paintings, etchings and personal belongings.
  13. Stedelijk Museum: A museum of modern and contemporary art, featuring works by Picasso, Matisse, Mondrian and more.
  14. Amsterdam Museum: A museum that tells the story of Amsterdam from its origins to the present day, with interactive displays and artifacts.
  15. Begijnhof: A secluded courtyard that was once a religious community for women, with a chapel, a church and historic houses.
  16. Flower Market: A floating market on the Singel canal, where you can buy fresh flowers, bulbs and souvenirs.
  17. Albert Cuyp Market: The largest and most famous street market in Amsterdam, selling everything from food to clothes to antiques.
  18. EYE Film Institute: A striking building on the waterfront that houses a cinema, a museum and an archive of Dutch and international films.
  19. Oude Kerk: The oldest building in Amsterdam, dating back to the 13th century, now a cultural center and exhibition space.
  20. Westergasfabriek: A former gas factory that has been transformed into a creative hub, with restaurants, bars, cinemas, theaters and galleries.
  21. Hortus Botanicus: One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, with over 6,000 plants from different climates and regions.
  22. Hermitage Amsterdam: A branch of the famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, displaying rotating exhibitions of Russian art and culture.
  23. De Negen Straatjes: A shopping district that consists of nine narrow streets between the canals, offering a variety of boutiques, vintage shops and cafes.
  24. Magere Brug: A slender wooden drawbridge over the Amstel river, which lights up at night and offers a romantic view of the city.
  25. Tropenmuseum: A museum of world cultures, with exhibits on Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
  26. Brouwerij ‘t IJ: A brewery located next to a windmill that produces organic beers and offers tours and tastings.
  27. Jewish Historical Museum: A museum that explores the history and culture of the Jewish community in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
  28. Amsterdam Dungeon: A horror attraction that recreates the dark history of Amsterdam through live actors and special effects.
  29. Madame Tussauds: A wax museum that features lifelike replicas of celebrities, royals and historical figures.
  30. Zaanse Schans: An open-air museum that showcases the traditional Dutch way of life, with windmills, wooden houses and workshops.
  31. Moco Museum: A museum of contemporary art that displays works by Banksy, Warhol, Dali and other influential artists.
  32. Micropia: A museum of microorganisms that reveals the invisible world of bacteria, viruses and fungi through microscopes and interactive exhibits.
  33. FOAM Photography Museum: A museum that showcases photography in all its forms, from historical to contemporary to experimental.
  34. Royal Palace Amsterdam: The official residence of the Dutch monarchs, open to the public when not in use for royal events.
  35. Houseboat Museum: A museum that gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to live on a houseboat in Amsterdam’s canals.
  36. Cheese Museum Amsterdam: A museum that celebrates the Dutch cheese culture, with displays, tastings and a cheese shop.
  37. Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum: A museum that explores the history and uses of cannabis in various cultures and industries.
  38. Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder: A hidden church in the attic of a 17th-century canal house, where Catholics could worship during the Protestant Reformation.
  39. Het Scheepvaartmuseum: A maritime museum that displays models, maps, paintings and artifacts related to the Dutch naval history and exploration.
  40. Amstelkring Museum (Our Lord in the Attic): A hidden church in an old canal house where Catholics could worship during times when they were persecuted.

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