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Things To Do In Bari – Best Tourist Attractions In Bari

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If you are looking for things to do in Bari, you will not be disappointed. Bari is a beautiful city in southern Italy, with a rich history and culture. There are many best tourist attractions in Bari, from ancient churches and castles to modern museums and galleries. You can also enjoy the delicious cuisine and the lively nightlife of this vibrant city. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the things to do in Bari and the best tourist attractions in Bari that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Bari? Discover the best tourist attractions in Bari:

  1. Basilica San Nicola: A Romanesque church that houses the relics of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of Bari.
  2. Citta Vecchia – Bari: The old town of Bari, a maze of narrow streets with many churches, shrines and historic buildings.
  3. Centro Storico: The historic center of Bari, where you can find the cathedral, the castle and the Swabian palace.
  4. Lungomare e Murat: The seafront promenade and the modern district of Bari, with shops, restaurants and bars.
  5. Cattedrale di San Sabino: The cathedral of Bari, built in the 12th century in Apulian Romanesque style, with a crypt and a museum.
  6. Castello Normanno-Svevo: The Norman-Swabian castle, a fortress dating back to the 12th century, with a museum and exhibitions.
  7. Teatro Petruzzelli: The largest theater in Bari and one of the most important in Italy, hosting opera, ballet and concerts.
  8. Pinacoteca Metropolitana di Bari: The metropolitan art gallery of Bari, with a collection of paintings from the 15th to the 20th century.
  9. Piazza del Ferrarese: A lively square in the old town, with a fountain and a Roman column.
  10. Piazza Mercantile: The main square of the old town, with a clock tower and a stone lion.
  11. Chiesa di San Marco dei Veneziani: A church built by the Venetians in the 13th century, with a Gothic portal and frescoes.
  12. Chiesa di Santa Scolastica: A church founded by Benedictine nuns in the 11th century, with a Romanesque facade and a cloister.
  13. Chiesa di San Gregorio: A church dedicated to St. Gregory the Great, with a Baroque interior and a painting by Luca Giordano.
  14. Palazzo Simi: A palace that houses the archaeological museum of Bari, with exhibits from prehistoric to medieval times.
  15. Museo Civico di Bari: The civic museum of Bari, with collections of art, history and culture from the city and its surroundings.
  16. Chiesa Russa di San Nicola: A Russian Orthodox church dedicated to St. Nicholas, with a domed roof and colorful icons.
  17. Chiesa di San Giorgio dei Genovesi: A church built by the Genoese in the 14th century, with a Gothic facade and a bell tower.
  18. Chiesa del Carmine: A church belonging to the Carmelite order, with a Baroque interior and a painting by Carlo Rosa.
  19. Chiesa di Santa Teresa dei Maschi: A church founded by the Discalced Carmelites in the 17th century, with a richly decorated interior and a marble altar.
  20. Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi: A church dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, with a Romanesque facade and a cloister.
  21. Museo Nicolaiano: A museum dedicated to St. Nicholas, located in the basilica’s crypt, with relics, icons and documents related to the saint.
  22. Museo della Cattedrale di Bari: A museum located in the cathedral’s crypt, with liturgical objects, sculptures and paintings from the cathedral’s history.
  23. Museo del Confetto Mucci Giovanni: A museum that showcases the history and production of confetti (sugared almonds), a typical sweet of Bari.
  24. Museo del Presepe di San Marco dei Veneziani: A museum that displays nativity scenes from different regions and countries, located in the church of San Marco dei Veneziani.
  25. Museo delle Cere Anatomiche «Giuseppe Salmaso»: A museum that exhibits wax models of human anatomy, created by Giuseppe Salmaso in the 19th century.
  26. Museo Etnografico del Mare «Domenico Divella»: An ethnographic museum that explores the maritime culture and traditions of Bari and Apulia.
  27. Museo della Fisarmonica «Pietro Deiro»: A museum that showcases the history and evolution of the accordion, with instruments, documents and recordings.
  28. Museo della Fotografia «Francesco Cito»: A museum that displays the works of Francesco Cito, a renowned photographer from Bari.
  29. Museo del Giocattolo «Antonio Rubino»: A museum that exhibits toys from different eras and countries, collected by Antonio Rubino, a journalist and writer from Bari.
  30. Museo della Grafica «Giuseppe De Nittis»: A museum that showcases the graphic works of Giuseppe De Nittis, a painter and engraver from Apulia.
  31. Museo della Memoria e dell’Accoglienza: A museum that commemorates the arrival of refugees and migrants in Bari, with testimonies, photos and objects.
  32. Museo della Musica «Eugenio Quercia»: A museum that displays musical instruments, scores and memorabilia from the musical heritage of Bari and Apulia.
  33. Museo della Scienza «Leonardo da Vinci»: A museum that exhibits interactive models and replicas of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions and discoveries.
  34. Museo della Stampa «Giuseppe Laterza»: A museum that illustrates the history and techniques of printing, with machines, tools and publications.
  35. Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari «Giuseppe Marrazzo»: A museum that preserves and promotes the folk arts and traditions of Bari and Apulia, with costumes, crafts and rituals.
  36. Museo delle Cere «Girolamo Comi»: A museum that displays wax figures of famous people from history, art and culture, created by Girolamo Comi in the 20th century.
  37. Museo delle Marionette «Antonio Pasqualino»: A museum that exhibits puppets from different regions and countries, with a focus on the Sicilian tradition of the Opera dei Pupi.
  38. Museo delle Ossa di San Nicola: A museum that houses the bones of St. Nicholas, recovered from his original tomb in Myra, Turkey, before they were transferred to Bari in 1087.
  39. Museo delle Tradizioni Gastronomiche di Bari: A museum that explores the culinary culture and traditions of Bari and Apulia, with recipes, products and utensils.
  40. Museo di Zoologia «Domenico Cirillo»: A museum that displays zoological specimens from different habitats and regions, with a focus on the Mediterranean fauna.

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