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Things To Do In Basel – Best Tourist Attractions In Basel

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If you are looking for things to do in Basel, you will not be disappointed. Basel is a city rich in culture, history and art, with many museums, galleries and monuments to explore. Whether you want to admire the medieval architecture, enjoy the vibrant nightlife or relax in the beautiful parks, Basel has something for everyone. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Basel that you should not miss. From the stunning cathedral to the fascinating zoo, these are some of the things to do in Basel that will make your trip unforgettable.

Looking for things to do in Basel? Discover the best tourist attractions in Basel:

1. Kunstmuseum Basel: The finest collection of paintings in Switzerland, featuring old masters and modern art.
2. Basel Minster: A historic cathedral with Romanesque and Gothic elements, overlooking the Rhine river.
3. Basel Old Town: A charming area with medieval churches, colorful fountains, and whimsical sculptures.
4. Tinguely Fountain: A playful fountain with moving metal sculptures by Swiss artist Jean Tinguely.
5. Basel Town Hall: A striking red building with frescoes and statues, housing the city government and parliament.
6. Spalentor: A well-preserved medieval gate that marks the entrance to the old town.
7. Zoo Basel: The oldest and largest zoo in Switzerland, home to over 600 species of animals.
8. Vitra Design Museum: A museum dedicated to design and architecture, with buildings by renowned architects.
9. Fondation Beyeler: A modern art museum with works by Picasso, Monet, Klee, and others, set in a park with a pond.
10. Rathausplatz: A lively square with cafes, shops, and a weekly market, next to the town hall.
11. Basel Paper Mill Museum: A museum that showcases the history and techniques of papermaking, with interactive exhibits and workshops.
12. Museum Tinguely: A museum that displays the kinetic art and machines of Jean Tinguely, in a building by Mario Botta.
13. Marktplatz: A central square with a colorful market, surrounded by historic buildings and a fountain.
14. Dreiländereck: A monument that marks the point where Switzerland, Germany, and France meet, on the banks of the Rhine.
15. Antikenmuseum Basel: A museum that exhibits ancient art and artifacts from Egypt, Greece, Rome, and other civilizations.
16. Botanischer Garten der Universität Basel: A botanical garden with over 7,000 species of plants, including tropical and alpine varieties.
17. Naturhistorisches Museum Basel: A natural history museum with exhibits on animals, fossils, minerals, and human evolution.
18. Münsterfähre: A traditional ferry that crosses the Rhine between the cathedral and Kleinbasel, powered by the river current.
19. Basel Musical Theatre: A theater that hosts musicals, concerts, and shows, in a modern building with a glass facade.
20. Schaulager: A contemporary art museum and research center, with a minimalist design by Herzog & de Meuron.
21. Historisches Museum Basel: A museum that traces the history and culture of Basel, from prehistoric times to the present day.
22. Museum der Kulturen Basel: A museum that explores the diversity of human cultures, with collections from Africa, Asia, America, and Oceania.
23. Cartoonmuseum Basel: A museum that showcases the art of cartoons, comics, and caricatures, from historical to contemporary works.
24. Merian Gärten: A park with beautiful gardens, orchards, greenhouses, and a historic manor house.
25. Kunsthalle Basel: A gallery that exhibits contemporary art by local and international artists, in a neoclassical building.
26. S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum: A museum that focuses on Swiss architecture and urbanism, with exhibitions and events.
27. HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel): A center for digital art and culture, with exhibitions, workshops, and performances.
28. Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel: A museum that displays over 6,000 toys, including dolls, teddy bears, miniatures, and carousels.
29. Basler Münster Treasury Museum: A museum that houses the treasures of the cathedral, such as reliquaries, textiles, manuscripts
30. Jewish Museum of Switzerland: A museum that documents the history and culture of Swiss Jews
31. Augusta Raurica: An archaeological site and museum that preserves the remains of a Roman city
32. Skulpturhalle Basel: A museum that exhibits plaster casts of ancient sculptures
33. Swiss Architecture Museum (S AM): A museum that focuses on Swiss architecture
34. Caricature & Cartoon Museum Basel (Cartoonmuseum): A museum that showcases cartoons
35. Toy Worlds Museum (Spielzeug Welten Museum): A museum that displays toys
36. Merian Gardens (Merian Gärten): A park with gardens
37. House of Electronic Arts (HeK): A center for digital art
38. Basel Musical Theater (Musical Theater Basel): A theater for musicals
39. Basel Paper Mill (Papiermühle Basel): A museum of papermaking
40. Three Countries Corner (Dreiländereck): A monument where three countries meet.

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