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Things To Do In Catamarca – Best Tourist Attractions In Catamarca

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Looking for things to do in Catamarca? Discover the best tourist attractions in Catamarca:

  1. Campo de Piedra Pomez: a stunning landscape of white volcanic rocks that resemble pumice stones .
  2. Ruta de los Seismiles: a scenic drive along the highest volcanoes on Earth, with views of the Andes .
  3. Termas de Fiambala: a series of hot springs with different temperatures and healing properties .
  4. Catedral Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Valle: a beautiful church that houses the image of the patron saint of Catamarca .
  5. Balcòn del Pissis: a viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the Pissis volcano, the third highest peak in the Americas .
  6. Volcan Galan: a massive caldera that contains a salt lake and colorful mineral deposits .
  7. Cuesta Del Portezuelo: a winding road that climbs up the mountains and offers spectacular views of the city and the valley .
  8. Paso de San Francisco: a high-altitude pass that connects Argentina and Chile, with stunning scenery and wildlife .
  9. Ruinas de El Shincal: an archaeological site that preserves the remains of an Inca city, with temples, plazas and terraces .
  10. Ruta del Adobe: a route that showcases the colonial architecture of Catamarca, with adobe churches and houses .
  11. Dunas del Tatón: a desert area with sand dunes that are ideal for sandboarding and hiking .
  12. Salar de Antofalla: a salt flat that reflects the colors of the mountains and the sky, creating a surreal effect .
  13. Plaza 25 de Mayo: the main square of Catamarca, surrounded by historical buildings and monuments.
  14. Laguna Carachi Pampa: a lagoon that changes color depending on the season and the sunlight, from green to pink.
  15. Volcan Antofagasta: a dormant volcano that rises above the salar de Antofalla, with a distinctive cone shape.
  16. Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco: a 17th-century church and convent that features a museum of religious art and history.
  17. Museo Arqueologico Adan Quiroga: a museum that displays artifacts and information about the pre-Columbian cultures of Catamarca.
  18. Parque Nacional El Condorito: a national park that protects the habitat of the Andean condor, as well as other native flora and fauna.
  19. Museo de la Virgen del Valle: a museum that exhibits the history and devotion of the Virgin of the Valley, as well as gifts and offerings from pilgrims.
  20. Dique El Jumeal: a dam and reservoir that provides water and electricity to Catamarca, as well as recreational activities like fishing and boating.
  21. Museo Historico Provincial Laureano Brizuela: a museum that showcases the history and culture of Catamarca, from prehistoric times to modern days.
  22. Gruta de la Virgen del Valle: a grotto where the image of the Virgin of the Valley was found in 1620, according to legend.
  23. Mirador del Portezuelo: a lookout point that offers a panoramic view of Catamarca and its surroundings.
  24. Museo Arqueologico Provincial Eva Peron: a museum that displays artifacts and information about the ancient civilizations of Catamarca, such as the Diaguita and Calchaqui cultures.
  25. Parque Provincial Los Andes: a provincial park that covers an area of high-altitude mountains, valleys and volcanoes, with diverse flora and fauna.
  26. Museo Municipal de Bellas Artes Laureano Brizuela: a municipal museum of fine arts that exhibits works by local and national artists, as well as temporary exhibitions.
  27. Parque Adan Quiroga: a park that offers green spaces, playgrounds, sports facilities and cultural events for the public.
  28. Museo de Artesanias: a museum that showcases the craftsmanship and traditions of Catamarca, with examples of pottery, textiles, leather, wood and metalwork.
  29. Casa de Gobierno: the government house of Catamarca, where the governor and the provincial legislature operate.
  30. Museo del Poncho: a museum that celebrates the poncho, a typical garment of Catamarca, with displays of different styles, colors and patterns.
  31. Parque de los Niños: a park that offers fun and educational activities for children, such as games, workshops, shows and a mini zoo.
  32. Museo del Vino: a museum that explores the history and culture of wine in Catamarca, with exhibits of tools, bottles, labels and tasting sessions.
  33. Anfiteatro Municipal: a municipal amphitheater that hosts cultural events and shows, such as concerts, festivals, theater and dance.
  34. Museo de la Ciudad: a museum that tells the story of Catamarca and its people, from its origins to its present.
  35. Parque de la Vida: a park that promotes health and wellness, with trails, gardens, fountains and exercise stations.
  36. Museo del Deporte: a museum that honors the sports achievements and personalities of Catamarca, with memorabilia, trophies and interactive displays.
  37. Teatro del Sur: a theater that offers a variety of artistic performances, such as drama, comedy, musicals and children’s shows.
  38. Museo de la Memoria: a museum that commemorates the victims of state terrorism and human rights violations during the last military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983).
  39. Centro Cultural Esquiú: a cultural center that hosts exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other activities related to art, culture and education.
  40. Parque Tematico de la Cruz del Siglo: a theme park that features a giant cross that marks the beginning of the third millennium, as well as sculptures and monuments related to Christianity.

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