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Things To Do In Cavtat – Best Tourist Attractions In Cavtat

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Cavtat is a charming coastal town in Croatia, located about 20 kilometers south of Dubrovnik. It is a popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the Mediterranean scenery, culture and cuisine. If you are planning to visit Cavtat, you might be wondering what are the best things to do in Cavtat. In this article, we will give you some suggestions for the best tourist attractions in Cavtat and the top tourist attractions in Cavtat. Whether you are interested in history, art, nature or adventure, you will find something to suit your taste in Cavtat. Here are some of the things to do in Cavtat that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Cavtat? Discover the best tourist attractions in Cavtat:

  1. Cavtat Old Town: The historic center of Cavtat, full of charming stone buildings, narrow streets and churches.
  2. Cavtat Seaside Promenade: A scenic walkway along the coast, offering stunning views of the sea and the nearby islands.
  3. Cavtat Cemetery: A peaceful resting place for many notable people, including the painter Vlaho Bukovac and the poet Ivan Gundulić.
  4. Vlaho Bukovac House: The birthplace and museum of Cavtat’s most famous son, a renowned painter who influenced Croatian modern art.
  5. Church of St Nicholas: A baroque church with a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and relics, dating back to the 15th century.
  6. Račić Mausoleum: A striking monument designed by Ivan Meštrović, dedicated to the Račić family who died in a tragic shipwreck.
  7. Konavle Valley: A fertile region south of Cavtat, known for its traditional villages, vineyards and olive groves.
  8. Konavle Museum: A cultural and historical museum housed in a former Franciscan monastery, displaying local costumes, crafts and artifacts.
  9. Sokol Tower: A medieval fortress perched on a hilltop, offering panoramic views of the Konavle Valley and the Adriatic Sea.
  10. Pasjača Beach: A hidden gem of a beach, accessible by a steep staircase carved into the cliffs, with crystal clear water and pebbles.
  11. Cavtat Summer Festival: An annual event that celebrates the arts and culture of Cavtat, with concerts, performances and exhibitions.
  12. Epidaurus Festival: A music festival that showcases classical and contemporary music from Croatia and abroad, held in various venues in Cavtat.
  13. Snorkeling and Diving: Cavtat offers many opportunities for underwater exploration, with clear water, rich marine life and several shipwrecks.
  14. Boat Tours: A popular way to enjoy the beauty of Cavtat and its surroundings, with various options for island hopping, fishing or cruising.
  15. Bike Tours: A fun and eco-friendly way to discover the natural and cultural attractions of Cavtat and Konavle, with guided or self-guided tours available.
  16. Horse Riding: A relaxing and adventurous activity that allows you to experience the countryside of Konavle on horseback, suitable for all levels.
  17. Wine Tasting: A must-do for wine lovers, who can sample some of the finest wines from Konavle and learn about their production and history.
  18. Food Tasting: A delicious way to get to know the local cuisine of Cavtat and Konavle, with dishes such as prosciutto, cheese, lamb and seafood.
  19. Cooking Class: A fun and educational experience that teaches you how to prepare some of the traditional dishes of Cavtat and Konavle, using fresh and organic ingredients.
  20. Shell Museum: A unique museum that displays a collection of shells from all over the world, as well as fossils, minerals and corals.
  21. Ronald Brown Pathway: A hiking trail that leads to a memorial for Ronald Brown, the US Secretary of Commerce who died in a plane crash near Cavtat in 1996.
  22. Our Lady of the Snow Monastery: A 15th-century monastery that houses a valuable painting of the Virgin Mary by Benedetto Genarri, as well as a library and a pharmacy.
  23. St Rocco Church: A small church built in 1520 as a vow against the plague, featuring a wooden altar and a painting by Vlaho Bukovac.
  24. Sipun Cave: A natural wonder that can be visited by boat or kayak, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites forming various shapes.
  25. Bobara Cave: Another cave that can be explored by boat or kayak, with an underwater entrance and a spacious chamber inside.
  26. Supetar Island: A small island opposite Cavtat, with a 15th-century Franciscan monastery and a pebbly beach.
  27. Mrkan Island: An uninhabited island near Cavtat, with a lighthouse and a fortress dating back to the 6th century.
  28. Bobara Island: An islet near Cavtat, with a rocky shore and a rich underwater world.
  29. Mljet National Park: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a stunning natural park that encompasses two saltwater lakes and a 12th-century Benedictine monastery.
  30. Dubrovnik: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a UNESCO-listed old town that boasts magnificent walls, palaces, churches and museums.
  31. Mostar: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a historic town that spans the Neretva River and features the iconic Stari Most bridge.
  32. Kotor: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a picturesque town that lies within a bay surrounded by mountains and fortifications.
  33. Kravice Waterfalls: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a spectacular cascade of waterfalls that create a natural pool for swimming and relaxing.
  34. Blue Cave: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a cave that can be accessed by boat and has a stunning blue glow inside.
  35. Green Cave: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a cave that can be accessed by boat and has a green hue inside.
  36. Lopud Island: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a car-free island that has sandy beaches, hiking trails and historical monuments.
  37. Šipan Island: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with the largest of the Elaphiti Islands that has olive groves, vineyards and medieval ruins.
  38. Koločep Island: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with the smallest of the Elaphiti Islands that has rocky coves, pine forests and a fishing village.
  39. Lokrum Island: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with an island that has a botanical garden, a Benedictine monastery and a nudist beach.
  40. Pelješac Peninsula: A day trip destination from Cavtat, with a wine region that produces some of the best red wines in Croatia.

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