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Things To Do In Dubrovnik – Best Tourist Attractions In Dubrovnik

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Looking for things to do in Dubrovnik? Discover the best tourist attractions in Dubrovnik:

1. Dubrovnik City Walls: Walk around the medieval fortifications and enjoy stunning views of the old town and the sea.
2. Stradun: Sip coffee at an open-air cafe on the main promenade and admire the Baroque buildings.
3. Lokrum Island: Take a boat to this green oasis and explore its botanical garden, monastery and peacocks.
4. Cable Car: Ride to the top of Mount Srđ and marvel at the panoramic vista of Dubrovnik and beyond.
5. Rector’s Palace: Visit this Gothic-Renaissance palace that once housed the ruler of the Republic of Ragusa.
6. Franciscan Monastery: See the oldest pharmacy in Europe and a collection of religious art and manuscripts.
7. Sponza Palace: Learn about the history and culture of Dubrovnik at this elegant 16th-century palace.
8. Banje Beach: Relax on this sandy beach near Ploče Gate and swim in the clear blue water.
9. Dubrovnik Cathedral: Admire the paintings, relics and treasury of this Baroque cathedral built after an earthquake.
10. Fort Lovrijenac: Climb up to this imposing fortress that overlooks the old town and the sea.
11. Dominican Monastery: Discover a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and artifacts at this Gothic cloister.
12. Onofrio’s Fountain: Refresh yourself at this 15th-century fountain that supplied water to the city.
13. Orlando’s Column: Take a photo with this stone pillar that symbolizes the freedom and independence of Dubrovnik.
14. Buža Bar: Enjoy a drink and a view at this cliffside bar that offers a unique perspective of the city walls.
15. War Photo Limited: View powerful images of war and conflict from around the world at this gallery.
16. Dubrovnik Synagogue: Explore the history and heritage of the Jewish community in Dubrovnik at this museum.
17. St Blaise’s Church: Pay your respects to the patron saint of Dubrovnik at this 18th-century church.
18. Porporela: Watch the sunset from this pier that extends into the sea from the old port.
19. Jesuit Stairs: Climb up these Baroque stairs that lead to St Ignatius Church and a Jesuit college.
20. Gundulić Square: Shop for local produce, souvenirs and crafts at this lively market in the old town.
21. Revelin Fortress: Dance the night away at this nightclub that occupies a 16th-century bastion.
22. Luža Square: See the clock tower, Orlando’s Column and St Blaise’s Church at this central square.
23. Pile Gate: Enter the old town through this impressive gate that features a stone bridge and a statue of St Blaise.
24. Ploče Gate: Enter the old town from the east through this gate that has a drawbridge and a fort.
25. Big Onofrio’s Fountain: Admire this ornate fountain that stands at the end of Stradun near Pile Gate.
26. Little Onofrio’s Fountain: See this smaller fountain that features sculptures of dolphins and children near Luža Square.
27. Minceta Tower: Visit this circular tower that is the highest point of the city walls and offers great views.
28. Bokar Tower: See this semi-circular tower that guards Pile Gate and Fort Lovrijenac from the sea.
29. St John Fortress: See this fortress that protects the old port and houses a maritime museum and an aquarium.
30. Ethnographic Museum Rupe: Learn about the traditional costumes, crafts and customs of Dubrovnik at this museum.
31. Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik: Admire works by Croatian artists from the 20th century at this museum in a villa.
32. Homeland War Museum: Learn about the siege of Dubrovnik in 1991-1992 at this museum on Mount Srđ.
33. Lapad Beach: Enjoy a relaxing day on this pebbly beach with sunbeds, umbrellas and cafes nearby.
34. Copacabana Beach: Have fun on this beach with water sports, slides and pools for kids and adults alike.
35. Trsteno Arboretum: Visit this botanical garden that dates back to the 15th century and features exotic plants and fountains.
36. Elaphiti Islands: Take a day trip to these islands that offer sandy beaches, pine forests and charming villages.
37. Ston: Explore this small town that is famous for its salt pans, oysters and medieval walls.
38. Pelješac Peninsula: Taste some of Croatia’s finest wines at this peninsula that is known for its vineyards and wineries.
39. Mljet Island: Discover this island that boasts a national park with two saltwater lakes and a Benedictine monastery.
40. Korčula Island: Visit this island that claims to be the birthplace of Marco Polo and has a walled old town.

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