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Things To Do In Ebeltoft – Best Tourist Attractions In Ebeltoft

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If you are looking for things to do in Ebeltoft, you have come to the right place. Ebeltoft is a charming town in Denmark that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you want to explore the historic old town, visit the glass museum, enjoy the sandy beaches, or experience the wildlife park, you will find something to suit your taste. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Ebeltoft and give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Ebeltoft that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Ebeltoft? Discover the best tourist attractions in Ebeltoft:

  1. Fregatten Jylland: A historic warship that offers guided tours and cannon firing demonstrations.
  2. Farvergården: A museum of dyeing and weaving in an old house and factory.
  3. Det Gamle Radhus samt Siamesisk Samling: The old town hall and a collection of Siamese artifacts donated by a local explorer.
  4. Glasmuseet Ebeltoft: A museum of glass art with exhibits from around the world and a glass maze in the garden.
  5. Ornbjerg Molle: A restored windmill that dates back to 1840 and offers scenic views of the countryside.
  6. Vindmolleparken: A park with a modern wind turbine and a playground for children.
  7. Hyllested Church: A Romanesque church with frescoes from the 13th century and a wooden altarpiece from the 16th century.
  8. Ebeltoft Skudehavn: A harbor with old wooden ships and a small bridge that leads to a sailboat marina.
  9. Draaby Kirke: A church with a distinctive tower and a medieval baptismal font carved with animals.
  10. Ree Park Safari: A wildlife park with animals from four continents and safari tours by train, bus or camel.
  11. Ebeltoft Kirke: A church with a baroque organ and a pulpit decorated with paintings of biblical scenes.
  12. Museum Ostjylland Ebeltoft: A museum of local history and culture with exhibits on fishing, farming, crafts and trade.
  13. Ebeltoft Fodboldgolf: A fun activity that combines football and golf on an 18-hole course.
  14. Jernhatten: A beach and a hiking trail that leads to a hill with panoramic views of the sea and the coast.
  15. Rittig Keramik: A gallery and workshop of ceramic art by Rittig Birkkjær, a local artist.
  16. Lodvig: A quirky statue of a man sitting on a bench with his dog, inspired by a wooden figure from an old ship.
  17. Ingeborg Stæhr: A gallery of paintings and sculptures by Ingeborg Stæhr, a local artist.
  18. Keramiker Jorgen Hansen: A gallery and workshop of ceramic art by Jørgen Hansen, a local artist.
  19. Gallery Ea: A gallery of paintings, sculptures and jewelry by Ea Ørum, a local artist.
  20. Tirstrup Kirke: A church with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir, as well as a carved wooden crucifix from the 15th century.
  21. Ebeltoft Kunstforening: An art association that organizes exhibitions, lectures and workshops for artists and art lovers.
  22. Ellipsehaverne: A garden with elliptical shapes and colorful flowers, designed by landscape architect Sven-Ingvar Andersson.
  23. Ajmo Design: A shop and studio of textile design by Ajmo Larsen, a local artist.
  24. Dam & Karlslund Glass: A shop and studio of glass art by Dam & Karlslund, a local duo of glassblowers.
  25. Helga Kristmundsdottir, Artist: A gallery of paintings and sculptures by Helga Kristmundsdóttir, an Icelandic artist based in Ebeltoft.
  26. Gallery Lis Kohl: A gallery of paintings, sculptures and ceramics by Lis Kohl, a local artist.
  27. Jarleart Showroom: A showroom of paintings, prints and posters by Jarle Rosseland, a Norwegian artist based in Ebeltoft.
  28. Handrup Kirke: A church with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir, as well as an altarpiece painted by Niels Larsen Stevns in 1919.
  29. Birgit Daa Birkkjaer: A gallery of paintings, drawings and collages by Birgit Daa Birkkjær, a local artist.
  30. Fuglslev Kirke: A church with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir, as well as frescoes from the 15th century depicting scenes from the life of Christ.
  31. Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari: An animal park with more than 800 animals from four continents, including cheetahs, giraffes, rhinos and zebras.
  32. Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri: A farm brewery that produces organic beer and cider, as well as honey and apple juice.
  33. Ebeltoft Museum: A museum of maritime history and culture, housed in an old warehouse by the harbor.
  34. Ebeltoft Vig: A bay with a sandy beach and a shallow water, ideal for swimming, sailing and fishing.
  35. Maltfabrikken: A cultural center that hosts concerts, exhibitions, workshops and events in a former malt factory.
  36. Ebeltoft Park Hotel: A hotel with a spa, a restaurant and a golf course, located in a scenic area near the bay.
  37. Ebeltoft Golf Club: A golf club with an 18-hole course and a clubhouse, surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea.
  38. Ebeltoft Strand Camping: A camping site with cabins, caravans and tents, as well as facilities such as a playground, a pool and a mini golf course.
  39. Ebeltoft Cykeludlejning: A bike rental service that offers bikes for adults and children, as well as helmets, baskets and maps.
  40. Ebeltoft Zoo & Safari: A zoo and safari park with animals from Africa, Asia and Europe, such as lions, tigers, bears and monkeys.

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