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Things To Do In Gdansk – Best Tourist Attractions In Gdansk

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If you are looking for things to do in Gdansk, you are in luck. Gdansk is a beautiful city in Poland that has a rich history and culture. Whether you are interested in architecture, museums, art, or nature, you will find something to suit your taste. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Gdansk and why you should visit them. We will also give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the top tourist attractions in Gdansk and discover why this city is one of the best destinations in Europe.

Looking for things to do in Gdansk? Discover the best tourist attractions in Gdansk:

  1. Old Town: The historic heart of Gdansk, full of colorful buildings, monuments and museums.
  2. Museum of the Second World War: A modern museum that tells the story of the global conflict and its impact on Poland.
  3. European Solidarity Centre: A museum and cultural center dedicated to the history and legacy of the Solidarity movement.
  4. Dluga Street: The main street of the Old Town, lined with impressive architecture and landmarks.
  5. Oliwa Park: A beautiful park with a botanical garden, a cathedral and a palace.
  6. Stutthof Concentration Camp: A former Nazi camp that now serves as a memorial and museum for the victims of the Holocaust.
  7. Gdansk Guided City Cruise: A boat tour that offers a scenic view of the city and its landmarks from the water.
  8. Gun Shooting Experience: A fun and exciting activity that lets you try different firearms and learn how to shoot safely.
  9. Gdansk Pub Crawl: A nightlife tour that takes you to the best bars and clubs in the city, with free drinks and discounts included.
  10. Private Airport Transfer: A convenient and comfortable way to get from or to the airport, with a professional driver and a modern vehicle.
  11. Malbork Castle: A stunning medieval fortress that is the largest brick castle in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  12. Cruises on the Motlawa River: A luxury catamaran cruise that offers a relaxing and romantic experience on the river.
  13. Gdansk Sopot and Gdynia 3 Cities Private Full-Day Tour: A comprehensive tour that covers the three main cities of the Tri-City area, with a guide and transportation included.
  14. Gdansk Traditional Food Tour with Old Town Sightseeing: A delicious tour that combines tasting local cuisine with exploring the Old Town’s attractions and history.
  15. Discover Gdansk! – €5 Walking Tour: A budget-friendly tour that introduces you to the highlights and secrets of Gdansk in a fun and interactive way.
  16. Main Town Gdańsk Walking Tour: A classic tour that covers the most important sights and monuments of the Main Town, with a knowledgeable guide.
  17. Undercover City Games: Gdansk: A unique tour that challenges you to solve puzzles and riddles while discovering hidden gems of the city.
  18. Gdańsk Old Town Private Walking Tour with Legends and Facts: A personalized tour that shows you the best of the Old Town, with stories and anecdotes from a local guide.
  19. Delicious Gdansk Craft Beer Tour: A tasty tour that lets you sample different types of craft beer from local breweries and pubs, with snacks included.
  20. Dumpling Trip in Gdansk: A mouthwatering tour that teaches you how to make and eat traditional Polish dumplings, with a chef and ingredients provided.
  21. Taste of Poland – Food and Culture Tour: A gastronomic tour that takes you to various restaurants and markets to try authentic Polish dishes and learn about their culture and history.
  22. Gdansk Private Traditional Polish Food Tour: A private tour that offers you a customized itinerary of food tasting and sightseeing, based on your preferences and interests.
  23. Private 2-Hour Tour with City Game in Gdańsk: A fun tour that combines sightseeing with a city game, where you have to find clues and complete tasks around the Old Town.
  24. Gdansk EVERYDAY Vodka Tasting Tour: A spirited tour that introduces you to the history and culture of vodka in Poland, with samples of different flavors and brands included.[
    25.^] Solidarity Tour: A historical tour that focuses on the events and places related to the Solidarity movement and its role in ending communism in Poland.
  25. Jelitkowo Beach: A sandy beach that is popular for sunbathing, swimming and water sports, with a promenade and a park nearby.
  26. Oliwa Zoo: A large zoo that houses over 1000 animals from different continents and habitats, with a playground and a restaurant on site.
  27. Stogi Beach: A clean and spacious beach that offers a relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere, with facilities and amenities available.
  28. Brzezno Beach: A lively beach that attracts locals and tourists alike, with a pier, a park and a bike path nearby.
  29. Museum of Amber: A fascinating museum that showcases the history and art of amber, with exhibits, workshops and a shop.
  30. Neptune’s Fountain: A famous landmark that is located in front of the Artus Court, featuring a bronze statue of the god of the sea.
  31. St. Mary’s Church: A Gothic church that is the largest brick church in the world, with a tower, an organ and a clock inside.
  32. Westerplatte: A historical site that marks the place where the first shots of World War II were fired, with a monument and a museum.
  33. Golden Gate: A Renaissance gate that is part of the old city walls, decorated with statues and reliefs.
  34. Crane (Zuraw): A medieval crane that is the symbol of Gdansk, used for loading and unloading ships and as a defensive structure.
  35. Green Gate: A Baroque gate that is part of the old city walls, serving as an entrance to the Long Market and the Royal Route.
  36. Mariacka Street (ulica Mariacka): A picturesque street that is famous for its amber shops, cafes and terraces, with a view of the river and the church.
  37. Artus Court: A historic building that was the meeting place of merchants and nobles, with a richly decorated interior and a museum.
  38. Great Armoury (Wielka Zbrojownia): A Renaissance building that was used to store weapons and ammunition, now housing a cultural center and a cinema.
  39. Uphagen House: A restored merchant house that displays the lifestyle and furnishings of the 18th century Gdansk bourgeoisie, with a museum and a cafe.
  40. National Maritime Museum: A museum that exhibits the maritime history and heritage of Gdansk and Poland, with ships, models and artifacts on display.

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