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Things To Do In Groningen – Best Tourist Attractions In Groningen

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Looking for things to do in Groningen? Discover the best tourist attractions in Groningen:

  1. Groninger Museum: A whimsical museum of art and culture with a unique building design.
  2. Prinsentuin: A beautiful garden with roses, herbs, and a sundial dating back to 1731.
  3. Martinitoren: A 97-meter-high tower that offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings.
  4. Vismarkt: A lively fish market that also sells cheese, flowers, and other local products.
  5. Museum Aan De A: A museum of maritime history and archaeology housed in two historic buildings.
  6. Brouwerij Martinus: A brewery and restaurant that offers tours, tastings, and live music.
  7. Noorderplantsoen: A park with ponds, playgrounds, and sculptures that hosts festivals and events.
  8. Forum Groningen: A modern cultural center with a library, cinema, exhibition space, and a rooftop terrace.
  9. Hoofdstation: A railway station with a neo-Gothic façade and a royal waiting room.
  10. Synagogue Groningen: A former synagogue that now serves as a cultural venue and a memorial for the Jewish community.
  11. Hortus Haren: A botanical garden with diverse plants, a Chinese garden, and a tropical greenhouse.
  12. Grote Markt: A central square with historic buildings, monuments, and a lively atmosphere.
  13. Stadsschouwburg: A theater with a classical façade and a rich program of performances.
  14. Universiteitsmuseum Groningen: A museum of science and history with exhibits on anatomy, astronomy, and natural history.
  15. De Oosterpoort: A concert hall and cultural center that hosts music, theater, and dance shows.
  16. De Drie Gezusters: A pub complex with several bars, restaurants, and terraces that offer a variety of drinks and food.
  17. Het Nederlands Stripmuseum: A museum of comics and cartoons with displays of original artwork and interactive games.
  18. Vesting Bourtange: A star-shaped fortress that dates back to the 16th century and has a museum, shops, and restaurants.
  19. Menkemaborg: A 14th-century castle with a moat, gardens, and furnished rooms that show how the nobility lived.
  20. Fraeylemaborg: A 17th-century mansion with a park, a carriage house, and a museum of art and history.
  21. Nationaal Park Lauwersmeer: A nature reserve with lakes, forests, meadows, and a rich wildlife.
  22. Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen: A seal sanctuary that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases seals back into the wild.
  23. Waddenfun Adventure Park: An adventure park with climbing courses, zip lines, archery, and other outdoor activities.
  24. DoeZoo Insektenwereld: A zoo that focuses on insects and other small animals with educational exhibits and shows.
  25. Nationaal Rijtuigenmuseum: A museum of carriages and coaches with a collection of over 250 vehicles from different periods and countries.
  26. Openluchtmuseum Het Hoogeland: An open-air museum that recreates a 19th-century village with authentic buildings and crafts.
  27. Muzeeaquarium Delfzijl: A museum and aquarium that showcases the maritime history and nature of the region.
  28. Borg Verhildersum: A 14th-century manor house with gardens, a farmstead, and exhibitions on rural life.
  29. Klooster Ter Apel: A former monastery that dates back to the 15th century and has a church, a museum, and a herb garden.
  30. Zoutkamperril: A fishing village with colorful houses, boats, and a fishery museum.
  31. Hangende Keukens Appingedam: An attraction that features three kitchens that hang over a canal in the historic town of Appingedam.
  32. Nationaal Bus Museum: A museum of buses that displays over 30 vehicles from different eras and countries.
  33. Galerie Waarkunst ‘t Waar: An art gallery that exhibits contemporary works by local artists in a rural setting.
  34. Abel Tasman Museum Lutjegast: A museum that honors the explorer Abel Tasman who was born in this village in 1603.
  35. Molen de Entreprise Kloosterburen: A windmill that was built in 1855 and still operates as a flour mill.
  36. Molen Wilhelmina Sint Annen: A windmill that was built in 1893 and has been restored to its original condition.
  37. Molen de Stormvogel Loppersum: A windmill that was built in 1865 and has been converted into a bed and breakfast.
  38. Molen de Leeuw Zuidwolde Gn.: A windmill that was built in 1869 and still produces flour for local bakeries.
  39. Molen de Groote Polder Sauwerd: A windmill that was built in 1870 and pumps water from the polder to the canal.
  40. Molen de Helper Haren Gn.: A windmill that was built in 1863 and regulates the water level of the Paterswoldsemeer lake.

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