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Things To Do In Hvar – Best Tourist Attractions In Hvar

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Looking for things to do in Hvar? Discover the best tourist attractions in Hvar:

1. Tvrdava Fortica: A historic stone fort that overlooks the town of Hvar and offers stunning views.
2. Pakleni Islands: A group of small islands with crystal-clear water, sandy beaches and secluded coves.
3. Mlini Beach: A picturesque beach with turquoise water and white pebbles, surrounded by pine trees.
4. Jerolim: A naturist island with two pebble beaches and private lounging areas.
5. The Harbour of Hvar: The lively center of Hvar town, where you can see yachts, cafes, restaurants and shops.
6. Stari Grad Plain: A UNESCO World Heritage Site that preserves the ancient Greek agricultural landscape and culture.
7. Dubovica: A hidden bay with a charming stone house and a beach bar, ideal for relaxing and swimming.
8. Fortica: A medieval fortress that houses a museum and a restaurant, with panoramic views of Stari Grad and the sea.
9. Hvar Cathedral: A beautiful baroque church that dominates the main square of Hvar town, with a bell tower and an art collection.
10. Franciscan Monastery: A peaceful oasis with a cloister, a garden, a museum and a library, dating back to the 15th century.
11. St Stephen’s Square: The largest and most elegant square in Hvar town, surrounded by historic buildings and monuments.
12. Zlatni Rat: A famous golden horn-shaped beach on the nearby island of Brac, popular for windsurfing and sunbathing.
13. Spanjola: A hilltop fortress that offers spectacular views of Hvar town and the Pakleni Islands, built by the Venetians in the 16th century.
14. Palmizana: A botanical garden and a marina on one of the Pakleni Islands, with exotic plants, art installations and restaurants.
15. Vrboska: A small fishing village with a picturesque harbour, a fortified church and a fisherman’s museum.
16. Hektorovic Palace: A Renaissance villa built by poet Petar Hektorovic in Stari Grad, with a fish pond, a garden and inscriptions.
17. Galesnik Island: A former quarantine island that now hosts an eco-village with organic farming, camping and yoga.
18. Jelsa: A charming town with a harbour, a park, a church and a museum, known for its wine production and festivals.
19. Sveti Nikola: The highest peak on Hvar, at 628 meters, with a chapel, a cross and amazing views of the island and the sea.
20. Malo Grablje: An abandoned village in a valley, with stone houses, a church and a tavern, where you can experience the rural life of Hvar.
21. Milna: A quiet bay with two pebbly beaches, crystal-clear water and pine trees, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
22. Sveta Nedjelja: A village on a steep cliff, with a cave church, a winery and a diving center.
23. Zarace: A scenic bay with two beaches, one pebbly and one sandy, separated by a rocky arch.
24. Humac: A deserted village from the 17th century, where you can enjoy traditional dishes by candlelight at Konoba Humac.
25. Ivan Dolac: A seaside village with vineyards, olive groves and beaches, famous for its red wine Plavac Mali.
26. Brusje: A village on a hill, with lavender fields, honey production and panoramic views of the sea and the islands.
27. Pokonji Dol: A lighthouse on an islet near Hvar town, built in 1872, that can be rented for accommodation.
28. Velo Grablje: An old village that was once the center of lavender cultivation on Hvar, now revived by an annual festival.
29. Sveta Nedilja Cave Church: A 16th century church carved into a cave on a cliff above Sveta Nedjelja village, accessible by hiking or boat.
30. Maslinica Bay: A secluded bay with olive trees, clear water and pebbles, ideal for relaxing and kayaking.
31. St Clement’s Church: A Romanesque church from the 11th century in Stari Grad Plain, with frescoes and stone carvings.
32. Glavica Hill: A hill near Vrboska with a cross, a chapel and panoramic views of the town and the sea.
33. Jagodna Bay: A small bay with turquoise water, white pebbles and pine trees, between Sveta Nedjelja and Ivan Dolac.
34. Scedro Island: An uninhabited island south of Hvar, with coves, bays and ruins of monasteries and churches.
35. Grapceva Cave: An archaeological site near Humac village that contains evidence of Neolithic culture on Hvar from 5000 BC.
36. Vela Stiniva Bay: A narrow bay with high cliffs that form an arch over the pebbly beach and the blue sea.
37. Gdinj Bays: A series of secluded bays on the south-east coast of Hvar, with pebbles or rocks and clear water.
38. Stipanska Island: An island near Hvar town that hosts Carpe Diem Beach Club, a popular spot for partying by day or night.
39. Skalinada Beach Bar & Restaurant: A beach bar and restaurant in Zarace bay that serves fresh seafood, pizza and cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere.
40. Falko Beach Bar & Restaurant: A beach bar and restaurant in Mlini bay that offers snacks, drinks and hammocks in a shaded pine forest.

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