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Things To Do In Jannet Chowen – Best Tourist Attractions In Jannet Chowen

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Looking for things to do in Jannet Chowen? Discover the best tourist attractions in Jannet Chowen:

  1. Chouwen Lake: A stunning lake surrounded by green hills and pine trees, where you can swim, kayak or picnic.
  2. Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve: A natural reserve that covers 6500 hectares of diverse landscapes, flora and fauna, as well as archaeological sites and trails.
  3. Nahr Ibrahim: A river that flows from the mountains to the sea, passing through scenic gorges and waterfalls.
  4. Adonis Valley: A historical valley that is believed to be the birthplace of the god Adonis, and where you can see ancient temples and ruins.
  5. Afqa Grotto: A large cave that forms the source of Nahr Ibrahim, and where you can admire a spectacular waterfall and rock formations.
  6. Yanouh: An ancient Phoenician and Roman town that has well-preserved remains of temples, columns and arches.
  7. Mar Sarkis Monastery: A medieval monastery that overlooks Nahr Ibrahim and has a beautiful church and courtyard.
  8. Qartaba: A charming village that is famous for its old houses, churches and orchards.
  9. Laqlouq: A ski resort that offers winter sports and activities, as well as hiking and camping in summer.
  10. Tannourine: A mountainous village that is known for its cedar forest, natural bridges and caves.
  11. Balaa Sinkhole: A huge sinkhole that has a depth of 250 meters and a waterfall that drops into it.
  12. Baatara Gorge Waterfall: A stunning waterfall that plunges into a 255-meter deep cavern with three natural bridges.
  13. Douma: A picturesque village that has a traditional architecture, a souk and a museum.
  14. Bcharre: A cultural and religious center that is the birthplace of the poet Khalil Gibran and the home of the Cedars of God.
  15. Kadisha Valley: A UNESCO World Heritage Site that has monasteries, churches and hermitages carved into the cliffs.
  16. Ehden: A summer resort that has a nature reserve, a zipline and a nightlife scene.
  17. Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve: A nature reserve that hosts more than 1000 plant species, 150 bird species and 40 mammal species.
  18. Zaarour: A ski resort that offers winter sports and activities, as well as biking and hiking in summer.
  19. Mzaar Kfardebian: The largest ski resort in Lebanon that has slopes for all levels, as well as restaurants and hotels.
  20. Faraya: A village that is close to Mzaar Kfardebian and has a lively atmosphere, a stone church and a statue of Saint Charbel.
  21. Faqra: An archaeological site that has Roman ruins, such as temples, altars and columns.
  22. Jeita Grotto: A national symbol that consists of two interconnected limestone caves with stalactites, stalagmites and an underground river.
  23. Harissa: A pilgrimage site that has a statue of Our Lady of Lebanon and a cable car that offers panoramic views of the coast.
  24. Byblos: One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world that has a citadel, a port, a souk and a museum.
  25. Jbeil: The modern name of Byblos that has a vibrant nightlife, a beach and a festival.
  26. Amchit: A coastal town that has a camping site, a seaside boulevard and a fish market.
  27. Batroun: A historical and touristic city that has a Phoenician wall, a Roman theater, a Greek Orthodox church and a lemonade festival.
  28. Anfeh: A fishing village that has salt pans, white houses and blue windows.
  29. Chekka: A beach resort that has sandy shores, clear waters and water sports.
  30. Tripoli: The second largest city in Lebanon that has a Crusader castle, a Mamluk souk, a soap museum and a sweets factory.
  31. Qadisha Grotto: A cave that has an underground lake and a boat ride.
  32. The Cedars of God: A forest that has some of the oldest and most majestic cedar trees in the world.
  33. Qornet El Sawda: The highest peak in Lebanon that has an altitude of 3088 meters and offers stunning views of the mountains and the sea.
  34. Arz Tannourine Cedar Forest Nature Reserve: A nature reserve that protects one of the largest cedar forests in Lebanon and has hiking trails and picnic areas.
  35. Bnachii Lake: An artificial lake that has a park, a playground, a boat ride and a bird sanctuary.
  36. Beit El Dine Palace: A 19th century palace that has an impressive architecture, a museum and a garden.
  37. Deir El Qamar: A historical village that was the capital of Mount Lebanon and has old houses, churches and mosques.
  38. Barouk Cedar Forest: A nature reserve that covers 550 square kilometers and has the largest cedar forest in Lebanon.
  39. Beiteddine Festival: An annual cultural event that takes place in the courtyard of Beit El Dine Palace and features local and international artists.
  40. Chouf Biosphere Reserve: A biosphere reserve that encompasses 5% of Lebanon’s land area and hosts 32% of its plant species and 25% of its animal species.

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