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Things To Do In Kashan – Best Tourist Attractions In Kashan

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Looking for things to do in Kashan? Discover the best tourist attractions in Kashan:

  1. Bagh-e Fin Garden: A 16th century garden with symmetrical proportions, old cedars, pools and fountains.
  2. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse: A 500-year-old bathhouse with a stunning roof and a museum of bathing culture.
  3. Tabatabei House: A historic house with 40 rooms, beautiful architecture and a peaceful courtyard.
  4. Bazaar of Kashan: A historic bazaar with a variety of goods, traditional crafts and picturesque alleys.
  5. Borujerdi House: A 19th century house with intricate stone reliefs, delicate stucco and a wind tower.
  6. Agha Bozorg Mosque: A mosque and school with a sunken courtyard, a dome and tiled minarets.
  7. Dashte Kavir-Salt Desert: A vast and beautiful desert with salt flats and sand dunes.
  8. Puppet & Toy Museum: A museum of puppets and toys from different cultures and eras in a restored house.
  9. Abbasian House: A large and elegant house with six buildings, numerous courtyards and a glass museum.
  10. Underground City of Nushabad: An ancient complex of tunnels that served as a refuge for people in times of war or natural disasters.
  11. Tepe Sialk: An archaeological site with remains of ancient civilizations dating back to the 4th millennium BC.
  12. Steve House: An art museum in a hidden jewel of a house with paintings, sculptures and ceramics.
  13. Shahzadeh-ye Ibrahim: A shrine with a European-style painted dome and religious scenes.
  14. Handicraft Workshop: A working museum of textile crafts where you can see the process of weaving carpets, rugs and kilims.
  15. Masjed-e Agha Borzog: A four-storey mosque with an ablutions pool, an austere dome and lofty wind towers.
  16. Tappeh-ye Seyalk: An archaeological site with artifacts from different periods of Iranian history.
  17. Ice House: A large mud dome that was used to store ice in the past.
  18. Sheibani’s Museum of Fine Arts: A museum of paintings by Manuchehr Sheibani in a beautiful old house.
  19. Khajeh Taj ad-Din: A building that houses the tomb of Ghotbs Kashani, a famous mystic of the Qajar period.
  20. Kashani National Museum: A museum that showcases some fine examples of Kashani pottery, tiles and calligraphy.
  21. Ameriha House: A historic house that has been converted into a boutique hotel with luxurious rooms and a restaurant.
  22. Tajaddin Shrine: A shrine that is decorated with colorful tiles and mirrors.
  23. Saraye Ameriha Boutique Hotel in Ameri House: A hotel that offers a unique experience of staying in a historic house with modern amenities.
  24. Mirrors Hall Restaurant: A restaurant that serves traditional Iranian cuisine in a hall covered with mirrors.
  25. Kamal al Molk Square: A square that is named after Mohammad Ghaffari, a famous painter who was born in Kashan.
  26. Khan-e Boroujerdi: A house that belongs to Sayyed Jafar Natanzi, a samovar merchant who married the daughter of Sayyed Jafar Tabatabaei.
  27. Khan-e Tabatabaei: A house that belongs to Sayyed Jafar Tabatabaei, a carpet merchant who built it for his family.
  28. Traditional Houses: Hundreds of large houses built by wealthy merchants that showcase the importance of Kashan as a trading center.
  29. Nushabad ‘Underground City’: Another name for the Underground City of Nushabad that emphasizes its depth and size.
  30. Khan-e Abbasian: Another name for the Abbasian House that highlights its owner’s name.
  31. Khajeh Taj ad-Din: Another name for the Shahzadeh-ye Ibrahim that refers to the person buried there.
  32. Kashani National Museum: Another name for the museum in Bagh-e Fin Garden that reflects its location.
  33. Iran Free Tours: A company that offers free walking tours of Kashan with local guides.
  34. Kashan Traditional Houses Tour: A tour that takes you to some of the most famous and beautiful houses in Kashan.
  35. Kashan Desert Tour: A tour that lets you explore the salt desert and enjoy the sunset and the stars.
  36. Kashan Rosewater Festival Tour: A tour that coincides with the rosewater festival in May, when the roses are harvested and distilled.
  37. Kashan Fin Garden and Sialk Hills Tour: A tour that combines the visit to the garden and the archaeological site.
  38. Kashan Bazaar and Hammam Tour: A tour that introduces you to the history and culture of the bazaar and the bathhouse.
  39. Kashan City Tour: A tour that covers the main attractions and sights of Kashan in one day.
  40. Kashan Customized Tour: A tour that lets you choose your own itinerary and preferences.

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