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Things To Do In Koh Samui – Best Tourist Attractions In Koh Samui

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If you are looking for a tropical paradise with stunning beaches, lush forests and diverse culture, then Koh Samui is the perfect destination for you. Koh Samui is one of the most popular islands in Thailand, offering a range of things to do for every type of traveler. Whether you want to relax on the sand, explore the underwater world, enjoy the nightlife or discover the local history and traditions, you will find something to suit your taste and budget. In this article, we will give you some of the best tourist attractions in Koh Samui that you should not miss. We will also tell you some of the top tourist attractions in Koh Samui that are less known but equally worth visiting. So, without further ado, let’s start with our list of things to do in Koh Samui.

Looking for things to do in Koh Samui? Discover the best tourist attractions in Koh Samui:

  1. Angthong National Marine Park: A stunning archipelago of 42 islands with pristine beaches, lush forests, and diverse wildlife.
  2. Big Buddha Temple: A landmark temple with a 12-meter-high golden statue of Buddha overlooking the sea.
  3. Wat Plai Laem: A colorful temple complex with a large statue of Guanyin, the goddess of mercy and compassion.
  4. Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks: Two natural rock formations that resemble male and female genitalia, also known as Grandpa and Grandma Rocks.
  5. Na Muang Waterfall: A scenic waterfall that cascades over purple rocks into a natural pool, surrounded by tropical vegetation.
  6. Fisherman’s Village: A charming seaside village with a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and markets.
  7. Secret Buddha Garden: A hidden garden in the hills with statues of Buddha and other deities, created by a local farmer.
  8. Samui Elephant Sanctuary: An ethical sanctuary that rescues and cares for elephants that have been abused or exploited in the tourism industry.
  9. Chaweng Beach: The most popular and developed beach on the island, with a long stretch of white sand and clear water, as well as many resorts, restaurants, and nightlife options.
  10. Lamai Beach: The second largest beach on the island, with a more laid-back atmosphere than Chaweng, and a variety of water sports and activities.
  11. Silver Beach: A picturesque cove with crystal-clear water and soft sand, ideal for snorkeling and relaxing.
  12. Maenam Beach: A peaceful beach on the north coast, with views of Koh Phangan and a range of accommodation options.
  13. Bophut Beach: A family-friendly beach with calm water and a pleasant breeze, located near the Fisherman’s Village.
  14. Choeng Mon Beach: A quiet beach on the northeast corner of the island, with shallow water and fine sand, suitable for children and families.
  15. Coral Cove Beach: A small beach between Chaweng and Lamai, with rocky cliffs and coral reefs that attract snorkelers and divers.
  16. Lipa Noi Beach: A secluded beach on the west coast, with soft sand and shallow water, perfect for watching the sunset.
  17. Bang Por Beach: A long beach on the north coast, with calm water and a local vibe, offering authentic Thai food and massage services.
  18. Taling Ngam Beach: A tranquil beach on the southwest coast, with stunning views of the nearby islands and mountains.
  19. Nathon Beach: The main port town on the island, with a busy pier and a lively market, as well as some quiet spots along the shore.
  20. Laem Set Beach: A less developed beach on the southeast coast, with a coral garden offshore and some unusual rock formations on land.
  21. Mummified Monk: A preserved body of a revered monk who died in 1973 in a meditative pose, displayed in a glass case at Wat Khunaram temple.
  22. Samui Butterfly Garden: A beautiful garden with hundreds of colorful butterflies, as well as an insect museum and a bee house.
  23. Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo: An attraction that showcases marine life from the Gulf of Thailand, as well as tigers, leopards, birds, and other animals.
  24. Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park: A fun-filled park with water slides, pools, bungee trampolines, go-karts, mini golf, and more.
  25. Paradise Park Farm: A hilltop farm with stunning views of the island and a variety of animals to feed and interact with.
  26. Wat Khao Hua Jook: A temple on a hill near the airport, with a golden chedi that contains a relic of Buddha and offers panoramic views of the surroundings.
  27. Wat Ratchathammaram: A temple on the ring road near Lamai, with a striking red roof and a large sitting Buddha statue facing the sea.
  28. Wat Sila Ngu: A temple on the south coast near Hin Ta and Hin Yai Rocks, with a golden pagoda that houses a relic of Buddha and features intricate carvings of snakes.
  29. Wat Samret: A temple in the south of the island, with a white marble Buddha statue and a peaceful atmosphere.
  30. Wat Kiri Wongkaram: A temple in the southwest of the island, with a mummified body of a monk who died in 1980, wearing sunglasses and a saffron robe.
  31. Hin Lad Waterfall: A waterfall in the jungle near Nathon, with a hiking trail that leads to a Buddhist temple and a natural pool.
  32. Namuang Safari Park: A park that offers elephant rides, shows, and trekking, as well as other activities such as zip-lining, ATV riding, and paintball.
  33. Samui Snake Farm: A farm that displays various snakes and reptiles, as well as scorpions and centipedes, and performs snake shows and demonstrations.
  34. Samui Canopy Adventure: An adventure park that offers zip-lining through the rainforest canopy, with views of the island and the sea.
  35. Samui Football Golf: A fun game that combines football and golf, where players kick a soccer ball into holes on a course.
  36. Samui Go-Kart: A go-kart track that offers different types of karts for different levels of speed and thrill.
  37. Samui Shooting Range: A shooting range that offers various firearms and targets, as well as archery and knife throwing.
  38. Samui Cultural Center and Fine Art of South East Asia: A museum that displays artifacts and artworks from various Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.
  39. Magic Alambic Rum Distillery: A distillery that produces rum from local sugarcane, with tours and tastings available.
  40. Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts: A cooking school that teaches how to prepare authentic Thai dishes, with classes for beginners and advanced learners.

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