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Things To Do In Korcula – Best Tourist Attractions In Korcula

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Looking for things to do in Korcula? Discover the best tourist attractions in Korcula:

  1. Korcula Old Town: A medieval walled town with historic buildings, palaces and squares, including St Mark’s Cathedral .
  2. Lumbarda: A village known for its sandy beaches and great white wine .
  3. Defora Bays: A series of unspoiled bays and secluded beaches on the south coast of the island .
  4. Vrnik Island: A small island with a peaceful village and deserted stone quarries .
  5. Korcula Archipelago: A group of 20 islands and islets that offer scenic views and natural beauty.
  6. St Mark’s Cathedral: A magnificent 15th-century cathedral built from Korcula limestone in a Gothic-Renaissance style.
  7. Korcula Town Walls: The towers and remaining city walls that protected Korcula from pirates and invaders.
  8. Icon Museum: A museum with a collection of Byzantine icons and Dalmatian religious art.
  9. St Mark’s Abbey Treasury: A museum with an important collection of icons and a polyptych of The Virgin and Child with Saints by Blaž Jurjev Trogiranin.
  10. Proizd Island: An island with crystal-clear water and pebbly beaches, ideal for a relaxing day trip .
  11. Korcula Town Museum: A museum that traces the history and culture of Korcula throughout the ages.
  12. Pržina Beach: A sandy beach popular with families for its safe swimming and sandcastle construction.
  13. Ošjak Island: An uninhabited island with pine forest and rocky coves, only 15 minutes by taxi boat from Vela Luka.
  14. Agriturizam Bire: A working farm and vineyard that offers wine tastings and snacks in Lumbarda.
  15. Vela Spila Cave: A large domed cavern that has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with archaeological findings on display.
  16. Veliki Revelin Tower: The main entrance to the old city, built in the 14th century and later extended.
  17. Marco Polo House: The house that is purported to have been the birthplace of the famous explorer, with a small museum and a rooftop terrace.
  18. Marco Polo Museum: A museum that tells the story of Polo’s life by way of seven waxwork tableaux.
  19. Sea Gate Tower: A small tower with an inscription stating that Korcula was founded after the fall of Troy.
  20. Small Governor’s Tower: A tower built in 1449 to protect the port and the Governor’s Palace.
  21. Large Governor’s Tower: A tower built in 1483 to protect the harbour and the Governor’s Palace.
  22. Kanavelić Tower: A renovated tower with a semicircular profile topped with battlements.
  23. Golden Horn Beach: A famous beach on Brac Island, known for its shape-shifting golden sandbar that extends into the sea.
  24. Korcula Bike & Wine Tour: A tour that combines cycling through scenic landscapes with wine tasting and dinner in a local tavern.
  25. Lago di Korcula Sea Kayak Tour: A tour that explores the hidden bays, caves and cliffs of Korcula by kayak.
  26. HopOnHopOff Korcula Water Taxi Tour: A tour that allows you to hop on and off a water taxi at different islands in the Korcula Archipelago.
  27. City Tour Korčula Walking Tour: A tour that covers the main sights and attractions of Korcula Old Town with a local guide.
  28. Croatia Island Hopping: Dalmatian Odyssey from Dubrovnik Tour: A tour that visits several islands in Dalmatia, including Korcula, Hvar, Brac and Mljet, with activities such as hiking, swimming and wine tasting.
  29. Korcula and Peljesac Tour from Dubrovnik Tour: A tour that explores the cultural and natural highlights of Korcula and Peljesac Peninsula, including wine tasting and oyster farming.
  30. 1 Hour Walking Tour in Korcula Tour: A tour that gives you an overview of Korcula’s history, culture and architecture in an hour.
  31. Wine Tour Korcula Tour: A tour that visits three wineries on Korcula Island, where you can taste different varieties of wine, such as grk, plavac mali and rosé.
  32. Korcula Walk & Wine Tour with dinner Tour: A tour that combines a walking tour of Korcula Old Town with wine tasting and dinner in a traditional konoba (tavern).
  33. Korčula and Pelješac Wine Tasting Tour from Dubrovnik Tour: A tour that visits two wine regions in Dalmatia, where you can taste local wines such as dingac, postup and grk, as well as oysters from Ston Bay.
  34. Taste of Korcula by Bike Tour (food & drink tasting) Tour: A tour that takes you on a bike ride through vineyards, olive groves and villages, where you can sample local food and drink specialties such as cheese, prosciutto, honey and wine.
  35. Korcula Island Yacht Cruise Including Wine Tasting and Dinner Cruise: A cruise that sails around Korcula Island on a luxury yacht, stopping at secluded bays for swimming and snorkeling, followed by wine tasting at a winery and dinner at a seaside restaurant.
  36. Taste of Korcula Tour (food & drink tasting) Tour: A tour that introduces you to the gastronomic delights of Korcula Island, such as olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, honey, wine and liqueurs.
  37. Grk Wine Tour – Private Tour Tour: A private tour that visits two wineries in Lumbarda, where you can taste grk wine, a rare white wine made from grapes grown only in this area.
  38. Old Town Korčula Private Tour and Wine Tasting Tour: A private tour that shows you the best of Korcula Old Town, including St Mark’s Cathedral, Marco Polo House and City Museum, followed by wine tasting at a local winery.
  39. Private Korcula Wine Tour And Tasting Tour: A private tour that takes you to three wineries on Korcula Island, where you can learn about the wine-making process and taste different wines paired with cheese and snacks.
  40. Korcula & Ston – Wine And Oysters Tasting Private Day Tour Tour: A private day tour that visits two destinations famous for their gastronomy: Korcula Island for its wine and Ston for its oysters; includes wine tasting at two wineries and oyster tasting at an oyster farm.

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