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Things To do In La Rioja – Tourist Attractions In La Rioja

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Looking for things to do in La Rioja? Discover the best tourist attractions in La Rioja:

  1. Tierra Rapaz: A theme park and zoo with birds of prey and other animals.
  2. Calle del Laurel: A street full of bars and restaurants with tapas and wine.
  3. Bodegas Franco Espanolas: A winery with guided tours and tastings.
  4. Bodegas Lecea: A family-run winery with ancient caves and wine making traditions.
  5. Marques de Murrieta: A historic winery with a castle and a restaurant.
  6. Bodegas Muga: A winery with a modern tasting room and a barrel workshop.
  7. Vivanco: A winery with a museum of wine culture and a garden.
  8. Bodega La Rioja Alta S.A.: A winery with a century-old history and a shop.
  9. Cuesta de Miranda: A scenic road with views of rock formations and nature.
  10. Reserva provincial Laguna Brava: A nature reserve with a lagoon and flamingos.
  11. Parque Provincial El Chiflón: A state park with waterfalls and hiking trails.
  12. Cráter del Inca: A volcanic crater with thermal waters and legends.
  13. Catedral de La Rioja – Santuario de San Nicolas de Bari: A cathedral with a baroque facade and a shrine .
  14. Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo: A church and convent with a colonial door and history.
  15. Vientos del Señor: A wind farm with guided tours and views.
  16. Plaza 25 de Mayo: A square with monuments and buildings of interest.
  17. Parque de Dinosaurios Sanagasta: A park with dinosaur replicas and fossils.
  18. Parque de la Ciudad: A park with green spaces and recreational facilities.
  19. Monumento Chacho Peñaloza: A monument to a local hero and rebel leader.
  20. Termas Santa Teresita: A thermal spa with pools and services.
  21. Arizcuren Bodega & Viñedos: A winery with organic wines and tours.
  22. Bodegas Manzanos Haro: A winery with a modern architecture and tastings.
  23. Bodega Conde de los Andes: A winery with underground cellars and history.
  24. Love Rioja: A wine tour company with personalized experiences.
  25. Rioja Alta Golf Club: A golf club with an 18-hole course and a restaurant.
  26. Monasterio de Suso y Yuso: Two monasteries that are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  27. Bodegas David Moreno: A winery with a family story and a museum.
  28. Bodegas Bilbainas Vina Pomal: A winery with a centenary tradition and a shop.
  29. Bodegas Ramon Bilbao: A winery with innovative wines and tours.
  30. Bodegas Carlos San Pedro Perez de Vinaspre: A winery with artisanal wines and caves.
  31. Museo Wurth La Rioja: An art museum with contemporary exhibitions and workshops.
  32. Centro Paleontologico de Enciso – Museo Cretacico de Enciso: A paleontology center with dinosaur fossils and activities.
  33. Castillo de Davalillo: A castle ruin on a hilltop with views of vineyards.
  34. Ermita de San Felices de Bilibio: A hermitage on a cliff where the wine battle takes place every year.
  35. Monasterio de Santa Maria la Real de Nájera: A monastery with a royal pantheon and a museum.
  36. Monasterio de Valvanera: A monastery in the mountains where the patron saint of La Rioja is venerated.
  37. Bodegas Ontañon: A winery with a museum of wine and art.
  38. Bodegas Gomez Cruzado: A winery with a boutique style and a tasting room.
  39. Bodegas Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia: A winery with a historic cellar and a shop.
  40. Bodegas Ysios: A winery with a futuristic design and premium wines.

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