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Things To Do In Maastricht – Best Tourist Attractions In Maastricht

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Looking for things to do in Maastricht? Discover the best tourist attractions in Maastricht:

1. Maastricht Underground: Explore the man-made caves and tunnels that were used for shelter and defense in the past.
2. Boekhandel Dominicanen: Visit a stunning bookstore housed in a 13th-century Dominican church.
3. Vrijthof: Enjoy the lively atmosphere of the main square, surrounded by historic buildings and cafés.
4. Fort Sint Pieter: Climb up to this 18th-century fortress and admire the panoramic views of the city and the river.
5. Onze Lieve Vrouw Sterre der Zee Basiliek: Marvel at the Gothic architecture and the rich collection of art and relics in this basilica dedicated to Our Lady, Star of the Sea.
6. Basilica of St. Servaaskerk: See the oldest church in the Netherlands, built on the grave of St. Servatius, the first bishop of Maastricht.
7. Helpoort: Walk through the oldest surviving city gate in the Netherlands, dating back to 1229.
8. Bonnefanten Museum: Discover a variety of artworks, from medieval sculptures to contemporary paintings, in this museum with a distinctive rocket-shaped tower.
9. Sint Janskerk: Climb up to the red tower of this Gothic church and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city.
10. Bisschopsmolen: Taste some delicious bread and pastries made with organic flour from this watermill, the oldest working mill in the Netherlands.
11. Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht: Learn about the natural history of Limburg, from fossils and minerals to animals and plants, in this museum with interactive exhibits.
12. Markt: Experience the vibrant market that takes place every Wednesday and Friday on this square, where you can also admire the city hall and other historic buildings.
13. Centre Ceramique: Visit this modern cultural center that hosts exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and workshops, as well as a library and a café.
14. Sint Servaasbrug: Cross the oldest bridge in the Netherlands, built in the 13th century over the river Maas.
15. Museum aan het Vrijthof: Explore this museum dedicated to photography and art, located in a former palace on the Vrijthof square.
16. Waldeckpark: Relax in this green oasis that features a pond, a fountain, a playground, and a sculpture garden.
17. Sint Pietersberg Caves: Venture into these underground limestone quarries that were used for mining and hiding during wars.
18. Hoge Brug: Enjoy a scenic walk or bike ride over this pedestrian bridge that connects the old town with the new district of Céramique.
19. D’n Observant: Hike up to this artificial hill that offers stunning views of Maastricht and its surroundings.
20. Museumkelder Derlon: Discover some Roman remains, such as a temple, a well, and a road, in this museum located in the basement of a hotel.
21. Kazematten: Explore these underground fortifications that were built in the 18th century to protect Maastricht from invaders.
22. Stadspark: Stroll through this beautiful park that features a pond, a statue of d’Artagnan, and some remnants of the old city walls.
23. Jekerkwartier: Wander around this charming neighborhood that is full of narrow streets, historic houses, art galleries, and cozy cafés.
24. De Bisschopsmolen: Visit this historic watermill that dates back to 1050 and learn about its history and function.
25. Grotten Noord: Join a guided tour of these caves that were used as shelters and storage places during wars and sieges.
26. Museum Sjoen Limburg: Admire some exquisite examples of Limburg’s religious art and culture in this museum located in a former monastery.
27. Selexyz Dominicanen Maastricht: Browse through thousands of books in this impressive bookstore that occupies an old Dominican church.
28. Kruisherenhotel Maastricht: Treat yourself to a luxurious stay in this hotel that was once a 15th-century monastery and church.
29. Fun Valley Maastricht: Have fun with your family or friends at this recreational park that offers activities like swimming, kayaking, climbing, mini golf, and more.
30. Sint Martinuskerk: Visit this neo-Gothic church that boasts a rich interior with stained glass windows, frescoes, sculptures, and paintings.
31. Fort Willem I: Explore this 19th-century fort that was part of Maastricht’s defensive system and now hosts cultural events and festivals.
32. Wijngaard Apostelhoeve: Taste some fine wines at this vineyard that produces white and sparkling wines from local grapes.
33. Museum Cellar Derlon Hotel Maastricht: See some ancient Roman artifacts, such as coins, pottery, jewelry, and statues, in this museum located under a hotel lobby.
34. Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Tenhemelopneming: Admire this Romanesque basilica that dates back to the 11th century and has a remarkable westwork tower.
35. Wyck: Discover this trendy district that is full of shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels, as well as some historic buildings and bridges.
36. De Gevangenpoort: Check out this medieval gatehouse that was once used as a prison and now houses a small museum about its history.
37. Sint Lambertuskerk: See this neo-Romanesque church that was built in 1916 on the site of an earlier church that was destroyed by fire.
38. Frontenpark Maastricht – Sphinxkwartier – Belvedere Maastricht – Lage Fronten – Hoge Fronten – Cabergerweg – Boschstraat – Boschpoort – Bosscherveld – Belvédèreberg – Fort Willem I – Linie van Du Moulin – Nieuwe Bossche Fronten – Oude Bossche Fronten – Caberg – Malpertuis – Pottenberg – Malberg – Dousberg-Hazendans – Belfort – Daalhof – Campagne – Wolder – Biesland – Sint Pieter – Jekerdal – Villapark – Heugemerveld – Wyckerpoort – Wittevrouwenveld – Nazareth – Limmel – Amby – Borgharen – Itteren – Meerssenhoven Parks

39. Gouvernement aan de Maas (Provinciehuis Limburg): Visit this modern building that serves as the seat of the provincial government of Limburg and was also where the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992.

40. Thermenmuseum (Roman Baths Museum): Learn about the Roman history of Maastricht at this museum that displays an impressive collection of Roman artifacts, including a large bathhouse complex.

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