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Things To Do In Makassar – Best Tourist Attractions In Makassar

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  1. Losari Beach: A popular beachfront area with a long promenade, food stalls, and sunset views.
  2. Fort Rotterdam: A historical fort built by the Dutch colonialists on the site of a former Gowa Kingdom fortress.
  3. Trans Studio Makassar: A large indoor theme park with various rides, shows, and attractions for all ages.
  4. Bantimurung National Park: A nature reserve with a waterfall, butterfly garden, caves, and hiking trails.
  5. Malino Highlands: A scenic area with tea plantations, pine forests, waterfalls, and fresh air.
  6. Rammang-Rammang: A karst mountain landscape with rice fields, rivers, caves, and villages.
  7. Samalona Island: A small island off the coast of Makassar with white sand beaches and coral reefs.
  8. Paotere Harbor: A traditional harbor where wooden sailing boats called pinisi are docked and loaded with goods.
  9. La Galigo Museum: A museum located inside Fort Rotterdam that showcases the history and culture of South Sulawesi.
  10. Kodingareng Keke Island: Another small island near Makassar with clear water and colorful fish.
  11. Balla Lompoa Museum: A museum that displays the royal relics and artifacts of the former Gowa Kingdom.
  12. Somba Opu Shopping Street: A street lined with shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts, pearls, and local snacks.
  13. Akkarena Beach: A beach resort with a Ferris wheel, water sports, restaurants, and live music.
  14. Taka Bonerate National Park: A marine park with hundreds of islands, coral reefs, and marine life.
  15. Leang-Leang Caves: A prehistoric site with cave paintings dating back to 5,000 years ago.
  16. Appalarang Cliff: A cliff overlooking the sea with a natural arch and a diving spot.
  17. Tanjung Bira Beach: A white sand beach with turquoise water and a view of Liukang Island.
  18. Lakkang Village: A traditional village with houses made of bamboo and a culture of weaving and fishing.
  19. Kima Atoll Conservation Park: A conservation area for giant clams that can grow up to 1 meter in diameter.
  20. Bugis Waterpark Adventure: A water park with slides, pools, lazy river, and other fun activities.
  21. Karebosi Link: An underground shopping mall with various stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  22. Pantai Barombong: A beach with calm water and a mangrove forest nearby.
  23. Monumen Mandala Pembebasan Irian Barat: A monument that commemorates the liberation of West Papua from the Dutch in 1962.
  24. Pantai Akkarena: A beach with a long pier, a lighthouse, and a seafood market.
  25. Pelabuhan Makassar: The main port of Makassar that handles domestic and international trade and passenger services.
  26. Anjungan Nusantara Pantai Losari: A cultural center that showcases the diversity of Indonesian regions through performances and exhibitions.
  27. Pantai Tanjung Bunga: A beach with a rocky shore and a view of the city skyline.
  28. Taman Macan: A park with statues of tigers and other animals, as well as a playground and a fountain.
  29. Masjid Amirul Mukminin: A mosque with a distinctive dome and minaret that can accommodate up to 15,000 worshippers.
  30. Mall Panakkukang: A shopping mall with a cinema, supermarket, food court, and various shops.
  31. Pantai Bira Timur: A beach with soft sand and clear water that is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  32. Taman Lumba-Lumba: A park with a dolphin statue and a fountain that lights up at night.
  33. Masjid Raya Makassar: The largest mosque in Makassar that can hold up to 40,000 people at once.
  34. Celebes Convention Center: A modern venue for hosting various events such as concerts, exhibitions, seminars, and weddings.
  35. Pantai Galesong Utara: A beach with black sand and a view of the Galesong Island.
  36. Taman Anggrek Clarissa: An orchid garden with a collection of various species and colors of orchids.
  37. Pantai Bonto Biraeng: A beach with a bridge that connects to a small island with a lighthouse.
  38. Makassar Town Square: A public square with a fountain, a clock tower, and a stage for events.
  39. Taman Nasional Bantimurung Bulusaraung: A national park with a butterfly museum, a butterfly breeding center, and a butterfly festival.
  40. Pantai Tanjung Ringgit: A beach with a coral reef and a shipwreck that can be explored by diving or snorkeling.

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