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Things To Do In Mayrhofen – Best Tourist Attractions In Mayrhofen

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If you are looking for a great destination for your next vacation, you might want to consider Mayrhofen, a charming town in the Tyrol region of Austria. Mayrhofen is surrounded by stunning mountains and offers a variety of activities for all seasons and tastes. Whether you are into skiing, hiking, biking, or relaxing, you will find something to enjoy in this beautiful place. In this article, we will give you some tips on things to do in Mayrhofen, as well as some of the best tourist attractions in Mayrhofen that you should not miss. Things to do in Mayrhofen include exploring the nature, culture, and history of the area, as well as indulging in some local cuisine and entertainment. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Mayrhofen that you should check out during your stay.

Looking for things to do in Mayrhofen? Discover the best tourist attractions in Mayrhofen:

  1. Skischule SMT Mayrhofen: A sports camp that offers ski lessons for all levels.
  2. Penkenbahn – Mayrhofen Zillertal: A tram that takes you to the top of Penken mountain, where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding.
  3. Walking Trails: A network of hiking trails that offer scenic views of the valley and the mountains.
  4. Mayrhofner Bergbahnen: A ski resort that operates two cable cars, the Penkenbahn and the Ahornbahn, and has slopes for all abilities.
  5. Stillup Stausee: A reservoir that is surrounded by nature and has a walking path along its shore.
  6. Schlegeis Alpenstraße: A scenic drive that leads to the Schlegeis dam, where you can admire the turquoise water and the glacier.
  7. Skischule Habeler: Another sports camp that offers ski lessons for beginners and advanced skiers.
  8. Mayrhofen Ahornbahn: A tram that takes you to the summit of Ahorn mountain, where you can watch birds of prey shows and enjoy panoramic views.
  9. Adlerbuehne Ahorn: A nature and wildlife area where you can see eagles, buzzards and owls in action and learn about their habits.
  10. Berliner Huette: A hiking trail that leads to a historic mountain hut, where you can stay overnight or have a meal.
  11. Erlebnisbad Mayrhofen im Zillertal: A water park that has indoor and outdoor pools, slides, saunas and a spa area.
  12. Ferienregion Mayrhofen-Hippach: A visitor center that provides information and tickets for the attractions and activities in the region.
  13. Mayrhofen Parish Church: A religious site that has a tower and a spire that are visible from afar and a baroque interior.
  14. ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy: A working dairy that shows how milk is turned into cheese, butter and yoghurt and has a shop and a restaurant.
  15. Penken Mountain in Mayrhofen: An adventure area that has a fun sport station, where you can try water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing on a mountain lake.
  16. Flying Fox Schlegeis 131: An adrenaline-pumping activity that lets you zip line over the Schlegeis dam at a height of 131 meters.
  17. Hippach swimming pool: A swimming pool that has indoor and outdoor facilities, a diving board, a slide and a playground.
  18. Strasser Häusl Museum: A museum that displays the traditional life and culture of the Zillertal Valley in a historic house.
  19. Zillertaler Höhenstraße: A high alpine road that offers stunning views of the valley and the peaks and has several stops with restaurants and huts.
  20. Hintertux Glacier: A glacier that is open for skiing all year round and has a natural ice palace that you can explore with a guide.
  21. Natur Eis Palast: A natural ice palace that is located inside the Hintertux Glacier and has ice formations, crystals and sculptures.
  22. Spannagel Cave: A cave that is located near the Hintertux Glacier and has stalactites, stalagmites and fossils. You can join a guided tour to see it.
  23. Sommerwelt Hippach: A summer park that has a mini golf course, a trampoline, a bouncy castle, a beach volleyball court and a soccer field.
  24. Zillertal Arena: A ski resort that connects four villages in the Zillertal Valley and has slopes for all levels, snow parks, toboggan runs and cross-country trails.
  25. Krimml Waterfalls: The highest waterfalls in Austria and the fifth highest in the world, with a total drop of 380 meters. You can hike along a path that follows the waterfalls and enjoy the spray and the views.
  26. Zillertalbahn: A railway that runs through the Zillertal Valley and offers regular and steam train rides. You can admire the scenery and stop at different stations along the way.
  27. Zillertaler Heumilch Sennerei: A cheese factory that produces cheese from hay milk, a traditional and organic method. You can watch the cheese making process, taste and buy the products and visit the museum.
  28. Zillertal High Elevation Road: A scenic drive that leads to the Zillertal Glacier, where you can see the ski resort and the ice palace. The road has several viewpoints and rest areas along the way.
  29. Finkenberger Almbahnen: A cable car that takes you to the Finkenberg ski area, where you can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking and biking.
  30. Gletscherbus 3: A cable car that takes you to the top of the Hintertux Glacier, where you can enjoy panoramic views and ski on the glacier.
  31. Zillertaler Gletscherbahn: A cable car that connects the Hintertux Glacier with the Zillertal Arena ski resort, where you can enjoy a variety of slopes and snow parks.
  32. Ahornspitze: The highest peak in the Ahorn mountain range, with an elevation of 2973 meters. You can hike to the summit from different starting points and enjoy spectacular views of the Zillertal Alps.
  33. Rastkogel: A mountain in the Tux Alps, with an elevation of 2762 meters. You can hike or ski to the summit from different routes and enjoy views of the surrounding peaks and valleys.
  34. Granatkapelle am Penkenjoch: A chapel that is located on the Penkenjoch, a mountain pass between Mayrhofen and Finkenberg. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene and has a unique design with red glass windows that resemble garnets.
  35. Wasserfall Hart: A waterfall that is located near Hart im Zillertal, a village in the lower Zillertal Valley. The waterfall has a drop of 25 meters and is surrounded by forest and rocks.
  36. Burgschrofen Kapelle: A chapel that is located on a rocky hill above Mayrhofen. The chapel was built in 1719 and has a baroque altar and a painting of Saint Christopher.
  37. Ramsberg – Hainzenberg Gold Mine: A gold mine that was active from the 15th to the 20th century and is now a museum. You can take a guided tour through the mine and learn about its history and techniques.
  38. Gerlossteinwand: A rock wall that is located near Hainzenberg, a village in the Zillertal Valley. The wall is popular for climbing and has several routes with different difficulties.
  39. Wolfsklamm Gorge: A gorge that is located near Stans, a village in the lower Inn Valley. The gorge has a stream that forms waterfalls and rapids and a wooden walkway that leads to a monastery.
  40. Tratzberg Castle: A castle that is located on a hill above Jenbach, a town in the lower Inn Valley. The castle dates back to the 13th century and has a rich history and a collection of art and furniture.

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