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Things To Do In Melrose – Best Tourist Attractions In Melrose

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If you are looking for things to do in Melrose, you have come to the right place. Melrose is a charming town in Scotland that offers a variety of attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you are interested in history, nature, culture, or shopping, you will find something to enjoy in Melrose. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Melrose and why you should visit them. We will also give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip to Melrose and what to expect from this lovely destination. So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the top tourist attractions in Melrose and discover why this town is one of the best things to do in Melrose.

Looking for things to do in Melrose? Discover the best tourist attractions in Melrose:

  1. Abbotsford: The romantic mansion of Sir Walter Scott, with a museum, gardens and woodland trails.
  2. Melrose Abbey: A ruined medieval monastery with a rich history and a burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart .
  3. Eildon Hills: A trio of distinctive hills that offer scenic views and hiking trails .
  4. The Leaderfoot Viaduct: A 19th-century railway bridge that spans the River Tweed and is a feat of engineering .
  5. St. Cuthbert’s Way: A long-distance walking route that follows the footsteps of the saint from Melrose to Lindisfarne.
  6. Trimontium Museum: A museum dedicated to Roman life in Scotland, with artefacts and exhibits from the nearby fort .
  7. Priorwood Garden: A National Trust for Scotland garden that features an apple orchard and a dried flower garden.
  8. Harmony Garden: Another National Trust for Scotland garden that has a walled design and views over the abbey and hills.
  9. Three Hills Roman Heritage Centre: A centre that houses the Trimontium Museum and offers guided walks to the Roman sites.
  10. Rhymer’s Stone: A stone monument that commemorates the legendary meeting of Thomas the Rhymer and the Queen of Faerie.
  11. Melrose RFC: The home of rugby sevens and a club with a proud history and a carnival atmosphere.
  12. Melrose Parish Church: A Gothic-style church that dates from 1810 and has stained glass windows and a pipe organ.
  13. Melrose Town Trail: A self-guided walk that explores the history and heritage of Melrose through plaques and signs.
  14. The Greenyards: The rugby ground of Melrose RFC and the venue for the annual Melrose Sevens tournament.
  15. Chain Bridge Honey Farm: A family-run farm that produces honey and beeswax products and has a visitor centre and a shop.
  16. Scott’s View: A scenic viewpoint that overlooks the Tweed Valley and was a favourite spot of Sir Walter Scott.
  17. Dryburgh Abbey: A ruined 12th-century abbey that is the final resting place of Sir Walter Scott and Earl Haig.
  18. Mertoun Gardens: A historic garden that covers 26 acres and has a variety of plants, trees and wildlife.
  19. William Wallace Statue: A statue of the Scottish hero that stands on a hill near Dryburgh Abbey.
  20. Smailholm Tower: A 15th-century tower house that was once home to Sir Walter Scott’s ancestors and inspired his poetry.
  21. Scottish Borders Donkey Sanctuary: A sanctuary that rescues and cares for donkeys and offers visitors a chance to meet them.
  22. Mellerstain House & Gardens: An elegant Georgian mansion that showcases fine art, furniture and embroidery, with landscaped gardens.
  23. Floors Castle & Gardens: The largest inhabited castle in Scotland, with grand rooms, paintings, tapestries and gardens.
  24. Kelso Abbey: A ruined 12th-century abbey that was once one of the richest and most powerful in Scotland.
  25. Kelso Racecourse: A racecourse that hosts horse racing events throughout the year, with a friendly atmosphere and facilities.
  26. Jedburgh Abbey: A ruined 12th-century abbey that has impressive architecture and a museum of artefacts.
  27. Mary Queen of Scots’ Visitor Centre: A centre that tells the story of the tragic queen who spent some time in Jedburgh.
  28. Jedburgh Castle Jail & Museum: A 19th-century jail that has been converted into a museum of local history and culture.
  29. Monteviot House Gardens: A stately home that has 30 acres of gardens, with a water garden, a rose garden and a herb garden.
  30. Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre: A centre that offers a range of activities, such as walks, crafts, exhibitions and a play park.
  31. Waterloo Monument: A 150-foot tall monument that was built to honour the Duke of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo.
  32. Peniel Heugh: A hill that has a 150-foot tall monument that was built to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo.
  33. Born in the Borders: A farm, brewery, restaurant and shop that celebrates the produce and culture of the Scottish Borders.
  34. Woodside Garden Centre: A garden centre that has a wide selection of plants, gifts, furniture and a cafe.
  35. The Teviot Smokery & Watergardens: A smokery that produces smoked fish, meat and cheese, with a shop, a restaurant and water gardens.
  36. The Hirsel Estate: An estate that has a country park, a golf course, a museum, a craft centre and a tea room.
  37. Coldstream Museum: A museum that tells the history of the Coldstream Guards, with exhibits, uniforms and medals.
  38. Coldstream Bridge: A bridge that crosses the River Tweed and marks the border between Scotland and England.
  39. The Jim Clark Motorsport Museum: A museum that celebrates the life and achievements of the Formula One champion Jim Clark.
  40. The Jim Clark Room: A room that displays memorabilia, trophies and photographs of the Formula One champion Jim Clark.

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