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Things To Do In Miramar – Best Tourist Attractions In Miramar

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Looking for things to do in Miramar? Discover the best tourist attractions in Miramar:

1. Bosque del Vivero: A nature reserve with trails, beaches and an energetic forest.
2. Bosque Energetico: A forest with a mysterious aura and a relaxing atmosphere.
3. Parque de los Patricios: A park with playgrounds, fitness equipment and green spaces.
4. Balneario Medanos: A beach resort with excellent service, facilities and location.
5. La peatonal: A pedestrian street with shops, restaurants and entertainment.
6. Museum and Historical Archives of Miramar: A museum with exhibits and artifacts about the local history and culture.
7. Museo de Ciencias Naturales de Miramar: A natural history museum with realistic sculptures, educational displays and fossils.
8. Balneario Parquemar: A beach resort with friendly staff, clean amenities and activities.
9. Balneario 9 de Julio: A beach resort with a central location, games and events.
10. Muelle de Pescadores: A fishing pier with a scenic view, a lighthouse and a market.
11. Complejo Deportivo La Azucena: A sports complex with a pool, tennis courts, gym and restaurant.
12. Balneario Tiburon: A beach resort with a quincho, lockers, children’s games and music.
13. Balneario Cacho: A beach resort with a family-friendly vibe, umbrellas and chairs.
14. Las Brusquitas – Green & Tech: A beach resort with a sustainable design, solar panels and wifi.
15. Balneario Pleamar: A beach resort with a spacious area, showers and dressing rooms.
16. Arte Evolutivo: An art gallery with original paintings, sculptures and jewelry.
17. Balneario HR: A beach resort with a modern style, a bar and a spa.
18. Casino Miramar: A casino with slot machines, table games and a restaurant.
19. Parroquia San Andrés Apóstol: A church with a beautiful architecture, stained glass windows and a bell tower.
20. Capilla Santa María del Mar: A chapel with a simple structure, a cross and a garden.
21. Balnearios Miraramar: A beach resort with a variety of services, sports and entertainment.
22. Terminal de Ómnibus Miramar: A bus terminal with connections to other cities, shops and facilities.
23. Balneario Hijos del Mar: A beach resort with a relaxed ambience, fresh food and drinks.
24. Pibelandia: A game center with arcade machines, rides and prizes.
25. Cardon Miramar Links: A golf course with a challenging layout, a clubhouse and a pro shop.
26. Teatro Municipal Abel Santa Cruz: A theater with performances, shows and events.
27. North Beach Parador en Miramar: A bar with live music, drinks and snacks.
28. Oh Lalá Lencería: A lingerie shop with quality products, variety and style.
29. Goro´s Beach: A sports camp with surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing lessons.
30. Cabalgatas: A horseback riding tour along the coast, the forest or the countryside.
31. Museo Punta Hermengo: A museum with marine fossils, skeletons and replicas of prehistoric animals.
32. Laguna La Ballenera: A lagoon with birdwatching, fishing and boating opportunities.
33. Parque Florentino Ameghino: A park with statues, monuments and fountains dedicated to notable figures of Argentine history and culture.
34. Plaza Central de Miramar: A square with benches, trees and flowers in the heart of the city.
35. Biblioteca Popular General José de San Martín: A library with books, magazines and newspapers for all ages and interests.
36. Centro Cultural y Biblioteca Municipal Sociedad Italiana de Socorros Mutuos y Biblioteca Popular Ameghino y Mitre (C.C.B.M.S.I.S.M.B.P.A.M.M): A cultural center and library with activities, workshops and events for the community.
37. Cine Atlántico: A movie theater with screenings of the latest films in different genres and languages.
38. Club Náutico Miramar (C.N.M): A nautical club with sailing, kayaking and rowing courses and competitions.
39. Estación Hidrobiológica de Miramar (E.H.M): A hydrobiological station with research, education and conservation projects on marine life.
40. Miramar Golf Club: A golf club with a 9-hole course, a driving range and a restaurant.

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