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Things To Do In Plitvice Lakes National Park – Best Tourist Attractions In Plitvice Lakes National Park

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Looking for things to do in Plitvice Lakes National Park? Discover the best tourist attractions in Plitvice Lakes National Park:

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with turquoise waters, lush greenery, and waterfalls.
2. Veliki Slap Waterfall: The highest waterfall in the park, at 78 meters, with a scenic wooden bridge.
3. Grabovaca Cave Park: A natural reserve with eight caves, a sinkhole, and a rich biodiversity.
4. Štrbački buk: A cascading waterfall on the Una River, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
5. Horse riding at Ranch Terra: An adventure activity that offers horseback riding tours through the park’s forests and meadows.
6. Željava airbase: An abandoned underground military complex that was once a secret base for Yugoslav fighter jets.
7. Castillo de Ostrožac: A medieval castle that was rebuilt in the 19th century, with a panoramic view of the valley.
8. Plitvice Lakes Guided Tour: A full-day tour that covers the highlights of the park, with a boat ride and a train ride.
9. Plitvice Lakes Private Tour: A personalized tour that allows you to explore the park at your own pace, with a local guide.
10. Plitvice Lakes Admission Ticket: A ticket that grants you access to the park and its attractions, valid for one day.
11. Plitvice Lakes Panoramic Flight: A luxury experience that offers a bird’s eye view of the park and its surroundings, from a small plane.
12. Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke Day Trip: A combination tour that visits the park and the nearby village of Rastoke, known for its watermills and waterfalls.
13. Plitvice Lakes Transfer from Zagreb or Split: A convenient way to travel to or from the park, with a stop at the park for sightseeing.
14. Plitvice Lakes Walking Tour: A half-day tour that takes you on a hike through the park’s trails, with a guide.
15. Plitvice Lakes Boat Ride: A relaxing way to enjoy the beauty of the park’s lakes, with a boat ride across Lake Kozjak.
16. Plitvice Lakes Bike Tour: An active way to discover the park’s natural wonders, with a bike tour along the cycling paths.
17. Plitvice Lakes Kayak Tour: An adventurous way to experience the park’s waterways, with a kayak tour on Lake Kozjak or Lake Prošćansko.
18. Plitvice Lakes Fishing Tour: A fun way to catch some fish in the park’s lakes, with a fishing tour and equipment rental.
19. Plitvice Lakes Camping Tour: A rustic way to stay overnight in the park, with a camping tour and tent rental.
20. Plitvice Lakes Photography Tour: A creative way to capture the park’s scenery, with a photography tour and tips from a professional photographer.
21. Plitvice Lakes Winter Tour: A magical way to see the park in a different season, with a winter tour and snowshoeing activity.
22. Plitvice Lakes Birdwatching Tour: A peaceful way to observe the park’s wildlife, with a birdwatching tour and binoculars rental.
23. Plitvice Lakes Zip Line Tour: A thrilling way to soar above the park’s landscape, with a zip line tour and safety equipment.
24. Plitvice Lakes Rafting Tour: An exciting way to navigate the park’s rapids, with a rafting tour and instructor.
25. Plitvice Lakes Cooking Class: A cultural way to learn about the park’s cuisine, with a cooking class and tasting session.
26. Plitvice Lakes Cheese Tasting Tour: A delicious way to sample the park’s dairy products, with a cheese tasting tour and local cheese maker visit.
27. Plitvice Lakes Wine Tasting Tour: A sophisticated way to enjoy the park’s wines, with a wine tasting tour and winery visit.
28. Plitvice Lakes Honey Tasting Tour: A sweet way to savor the park’s honey, with a honey tasting tour and beekeeper visit.
29. Plitvice Lakes Museum Tour: An educational way to learn about the park’s history, with a museum tour and exhibits.
30. Plitvice Lakes Folklore Show: An entertaining way to watch the park’s traditions, with a folklore show and live music.
31. Plitvice Lakes Spa Day: A relaxing way to pamper yourself in the park, with a spa day and treatments.
32. Plitvice Lakes Yoga Class: A healthy way to balance your mind and body in the park, with a yoga class and instructor.
33. Plitvice Lakes Meditation Retreat: A spiritual way to connect with nature in the park, with a meditation retreat and facilitator.
34. Plitvice Lakes Art Workshop: An artistic way to express yourself in the park, with an art workshop and materials.
35. Plitvice Lakes Pottery Class: A crafty way to make something in the park, with a pottery class and clay.
36. Plitvice Lakes Souvenir Shop: A convenient way to buy something from the park, with a souvenir shop and local products.
37. Plitvice Lakes Picnic Area: A cozy way to eat something in the park, with a picnic area and tables.
38. Plitvice Lakes Restaurant: A tasty way to dine something in the park, with a restaurant and local dishes.
39. Plitvice Lakes Hotel: A comfortable way to sleep something in the park, with a hotel and amenities.
40. Plitvice Lakes Viewpoint: A stunning way to see something in the park, with a viewpoint and panoramic views.

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