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Things To Do In Roskilde – Best Tourist Attractions In Roskilde

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If you are looking for things to do in Roskilde, you will not be disappointed by the variety of options available. Roskilde is a historic city in Denmark that was once the capital of the Viking Age. It is home to many cultural and natural attractions, such as the Roskilde Cathedral, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Roskilde Fjord. Whether you are interested in history, art, or nature, you will find something to suit your taste in this charming city. Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Roskilde that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Roskilde? Discover the best tourist attractions in Roskilde:

  1. Roskilde Cathedral: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the burial place of Danish kings and queens since the 15th century.
  2. Viking Ship Museum: A museum that displays five original Viking ships and offers sailing trips on replicas.
  3. RAGNAROCK Museum: A museum of rock music and youth culture, housed in a striking building with a red facade.
  4. Roskilde Festival: A huge annual music festival that attracts hundreds of thousands of fans and features international artists.
  5. Skjoldungernes Land National Park: A scenic park that surrounds the Roskilde Fjord and showcases the natural and cultural heritage of the area.
  6. M/S Sagafjord: A restaurant ship that serves delicious food and drinks with a view of the fjord and the museum.
  7. Roskilde Museum: A local history museum that exhibits artifacts and stories from the Viking era to the present day.
  8. Roskilde Kloster: A former convent that now hosts cultural events and exhibitions in a beautiful setting.
  9. Sankt Laurentius Church: A medieval church with a distinctive tower and a crypt with ancient frescoes.
  10. Roskilde Palace: A former royal residence that now houses the Museum of Contemporary Art.
  11. Land of Legends: An open-air museum that recreates life in different historical periods, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
  12. Roskilde Art Association: An art gallery that showcases contemporary works by Danish and international artists.
  13. Roskilde Skatepark: A large and modern skatepark that offers ramps, rails, bowls, and more for skaters of all levels.
  14. Musicon: A creative district that hosts various cultural and social activities, such as concerts, workshops, markets, and street art.
  15. Lejre Museum: A museum that explores the history and archaeology of Lejre, an ancient royal seat and a legendary place in Norse mythology.
  16. Ledreborg Palace: A baroque palace with a magnificent garden and a golf course, open for guided tours and events.
  17. Sagnlandet Lejre: An experimental archaeology center that allows visitors to experience life in different eras, from the Stone Age to the Viking Age.
  18. Himmelev Church: A Romanesque church with a Gothic choir and a richly decorated interior.
  19. Roskilde Harbour: A lively harbour area that offers boat rentals, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and more.
  20. Hedeland Nature Park: A large recreational park that features a ski slope, a golf course, a lake, an amphitheatre, and various trails.
  21. Gundsømagle Lake: A beautiful lake that is home to various birds and plants, and offers opportunities for hiking, biking, and fishing.
  22. Boserup Forest: A forest area that has diverse flora and fauna, as well as picnic spots, playgrounds, and fireplaces.
  23. Tune Church: An old church with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic tower, known for its frescoes and its organ.
  24. Jyllinge Church: A church that dates back to the 12th century and has a distinctive spire and a wooden ceiling.
  25. Vigen Strandpark: A beach park that offers sandy beaches, grassy areas, playgrounds, barbecue facilities, and more.
  26. Roskilde Racing Center: A go-kart center that offers indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as laser games and paintball.
  27. Gammel Lejre Church: A church that was built on the site of an ancient pagan temple, with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir.
  28. Gl. Lejre Museum: A small museum that displays finds from the excavations of Gammel Lejre, an important political and religious center in the Viking Age.
  29. Roskilde Badet: A public swimming pool that offers indoor and outdoor pools, slides, saunas, jacuzzis, and more.
  30. Roskilde Library: A modern library that offers books, magazines, newspapers, music, movies, games, and more for all ages.
  31. Ros Torv Shopping Center: A shopping mall that has over 70 stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and more.
  32. Sct Jørgensbjerg Church: A church that was built on a hill overlooking the fjord in the 12th century, with a Romanesque nave and a Gothic choir.
  33. Roskilde Golf Club: A golf club that has an 18-hole course, a 9-hole course, a driving range, and a clubhouse.
  34. Roskilde Bowling Center: A bowling center that offers 20 lanes, billiards, arcade games, and a restaurant.
  35. Roskilde Paintball: A paintball center that offers indoor and outdoor fields, as well as equipment rental and instruction.
  36. Roskilde Lystbådehavn: A marina that offers berths, facilities, and services for boaters, as well as a restaurant and a shop.
  37. Roskilde Klosterkirke: A church that was built in the 13th century as part of a Franciscan monastery, with a Gothic nave and a baroque altar.
  38. Roskilde Vandrehjem: A hostel that offers comfortable and affordable accommodation, as well as a cafe, a garden, and a playground.
  39. Roskilde Festival Højskole: A folk high school that offers courses and activities related to music, culture, and society, inspired by the Roskilde Festival.
  40. Roskilde Fjord: A fjord that stretches from Roskilde to the Kattegat Sea, offering scenic views and various water sports.

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