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Things To Do In Shiraz – Best Tourist Attractions In Shiraz

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Looking for things to do in Shiraz? Discover the best tourist attractions in Shiraz:

1. Nasir al-Mulk Mosque: A stunning Qajar-era mosque with colorful stained glass windows that create a dazzling effect at sunrise.
2. Tomb of Hafez: A beautiful mausoleum dedicated to Hafez, one of the most revered poets in Persian literature and culture.
3. Eram Garden: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and a classic example of a Persian garden with lush vegetation, fountains, and a historic mansion.
4. Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine: A sacred site and a pilgrimage destination for Shia Muslims, featuring a dazzling interior covered with mirror mosaics.
5. Vakil Bazaar: A historic and lively market place where you can find rugs, spices, jewelry, and other local products.
6. Vakil Mosque: A 18th-century mosque with impressive tile work, 48 columns, and two minarets.
7. Qavam House: A 19th-century house with elegant architecture, paintings, and a lovely garden.
8. Ali Ibn Hamzeh Holly Shrine: A shrine with a striking dome and an ornate interior decorated with mirrors and chandeliers.
9. Tomb of Saadi: Another mausoleum for a famous Persian poet, Saadi, who is known for his moral and didactic works.
10. Vakil Bath: An ancient bathhouse that showcases the Iranian traditional culture of bathing and hygiene.
11. Maharloo Lake: A seasonal salt lake that changes color from blue to pink depending on the algae growth and water level.
12. Persepolis: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, dating back to the 6th century BC.
13. Afif-Abad Garden: A former royal residence and a military museum, surrounded by a scenic garden with roses and cypress trees.
14. Arg of Karim Khan: A citadel that was once the seat of power of Karim Khan, the founder of the Zand dynasty.
15. Zinat ol Molk House: A historical house that belongs to the Qavam family and displays their personal belongings and artworks.
16. Jahan Nama Garden: The oldest garden in Shiraz and a place for relaxation and enjoying the views of the city.
17. Quran Gate: A historic gate at the entrance of Shiraz that holds two ancient Qurans for blessing the travelers.
18. Delgosha Garden: Another example of a Persian garden with fruit trees, flowers, pools, and a pavilion.
19. Khwaju Kermani Tomb: The tomb of Khwaju Kermani, a 14th-century Persian poet and Sufi mystic, located on a hill overlooking Shiraz.
20. Saraye Moshir: A caravanserai and a handicraft market where you can buy souvenirs, carpets, antiques, and pottery.
21. Pars Museum: A museum that displays historical artifacts, paintings, coins, weapons, and manuscripts from different periods of Iranian history.
22. Atigh Jame’ Mosque: The oldest mosque in Shiraz, dating back to the 9th century AD, with a simple but elegant design.
23. Bagh-e Jahanara: A public park and a botanical garden that offers a variety of plants, flowers, birds, and recreational facilities.
24. Forough-Al-Mulk House: A 19th-century house that showcases the traditional Iranian architecture and craftsmanship.
25. Haft Tanan Museum: A museum that exhibits stone carvings, sculptures, inscriptions, and tombstones from different historical eras.
26. Shapouri House: A magnificent house that combines Iranian and European architectural styles, built by a wealthy merchant in the 1930s.
27. Aramgah-e Shah Shoja’: The mausoleum of Shah Shoja’, a ruler of the Mozaffarid dynasty who was known for his patronage of arts and sciences.
28. Chehel Tan Garden: A garden that contains 40 tombs of famous poets, mystics, scholars, and artists from Shiraz.
29. Narenjestan Qavam House: A house that was built by a powerful family in Shiraz in the 19th century and features exquisite decorations and paintings.
30. Namazi Hospital Museum: A museum that displays medical instruments, documents, photos, and memorabilia related to the history of medicine in Iran.
31. Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque Museum: A museum that exhibits carpets, rugs, kilims, and other textile products from different regions of Iran.
32. Hafezieh Museum: A museum that showcases the life and works of Hafez, as well as other literary and cultural aspects of Shiraz.
33. Kolah Farangi Citadel: A citadel that was used as a governor’s residence and a prison during the Qajar era.
34. Sadi Park: A park that is named after Saadi and features a statue of him, as well as a library, a cafe, and a playground.
35. Niayesh Traditional Hotel: A hotel that is housed in a historical building and offers a cozy and authentic atmosphere for guests.
36. Shiraz Art House: An art gallery that displays contemporary paintings, sculptures, and installations by Iranian artists.
37. Shiraz University: A prestigious university that was founded in 1946 and has a beautiful campus with gardens and fountains.
38. Tomb of Baba Kuhi: The tomb of Baba Kuhi, a 10th-century Sufi saint who lived in a cave on a mountain near Shiraz.
39. Tomb of Khajeh Atabak: The tomb of Khajeh Atabak, a 12th-century Seljuk vizier and patron of arts and sciences, located in a garden.
40. Tomb of Ahmad Ibn Musa: The tomb of Ahmad Ibn Musa, a brother of Imam Reza and a revered figure among Shia Muslims, located in a shrine complex.

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