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Things To Do In Split – Best Tourist Attractions In Split

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Looking for things to do in Split? Discover the best tourist attractions in Split:

1. Diocletian’s Palace: A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most impressive Roman monuments in the world.
2. Cathedral of St. Domnius: An octagonal cathedral built as a mausoleum for Emperor Diocletian, now a symbol of Split.
3. Klis Fortress: A medieval fortress that controls the valley leading into Split and offers stunning views of the city and the sea.
4. Solin (Salona): The ruins of an ancient Roman city that was once the capital of the province of Dalmatia.
5. Temple of Jupiter: A well-preserved Roman temple dedicated to the king of the gods, now used as a baptistery.
6. Archaeological Museum: A treasure trove of classical sculpture and mosaics from various periods and regions.
7. Meštrović Gallery: A museum showcasing the works of Ivan Meštrović, Croatia’s premier modern sculptor.
8. Marjan Forest Park: A nature reserve with hiking trails, viewpoints, beaches and historical monuments.
9. Peristil: A picturesque colonnaded courtyard at the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, where cultural events are often held.
10. Grgur Ninski Statue: A giant bronze statue of a 10th-century bishop who fought for the use of Croatian language in liturgy.
11. Diocletian’s Palace Substructure: The basement halls of the palace that once stored goods and now host exhibitions and markets.
12. Split City Museum: A museum housed in a 15th-century palace that displays the history and culture of Split.
13. Vestibule: A grand and cavernous domed room that was once the entrance to Diocletian’s private quarters.
14. Our-Lady-of-Health Church: A striking Modernist church with simple and clean lines, attached to a 18th-century friary.
15. Gallery of Fine Arts: A gallery that exhibits 400 works of art spanning 700 years, from medieval to contemporary.
16. Museum of Senses: A museum that provides a workout for your senses through interactive exhibits and illusions.
17. Meštrović Crikvene-Kaštilac: A 16th-century fortified home that houses some of Meštrović’s sculptures and drawings.
18. Riva: Split’s waterfront promenade that is lined with cafes, restaurants and palm trees.
19. Piazza: The main square of Split that features the 15th-century Town Hall, the Renaissance clock tower and the Iron Gate.
20. Prokurativa: A square surrounded by neo-Renaissance buildings that resemble Venice’s St. Mark’s Square.
21. Fruit Square: A lively square that hosts a daily fruit market and has a Venetian octagonal tower and a statue of Marko Marulić.
22. Ethnographic Museum: A museum that displays traditional costumes, textiles, crafts and folk art from Dalmatia and Croatia.
23. Marmont Street: A pedestrian street that connects Riva with Prokurativa and has many shops, cafes and bars.
24. Gregory of Nin Park: A park that features a fountain, a playground and a smaller version of the Grgur Ninski statue.
25. Croatian National Theatre: A neo-Baroque building that hosts opera, ballet and drama performances.
26. Bačvice Beach: The most popular sandy beach in Split that is close to the city center and has many facilities and nightlife options.
27. Bene Beach: A pebbly beach located in Marjan Forest Park that offers a natural and relaxing setting.
28. Kašjuni Beach: A secluded beach with clear water and pine trees, situated at the foot of Marjan Hill.
29. Žnjan Beach: A long pebbly beach with many cafes, bars and activities for children and adults alike.
30. Game of Thrones Tour: A guided tour that takes you to some of the filming locations of the hit TV show in Split and nearby areas.
31. Blue Cave Tour: A boat tour that takes you to the island of Biševo, where you can see a natural phenomenon of blue light in a cave.
32. Krka National Park Tour: A bus tour that takes you to one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks, where you can see waterfalls, lakes and wildlife.
33. Plitvice Lakes National Park Tour: Another bus tour that takes you to another stunning national park, where you can walk along wooden paths over turquoise lakes.
34. Hvar Island Tour: A ferry tour that takes you to one of Croatia’s most popular islands, where you can enjoy its history, culture and nightlife.
35. Brač Island Tour: Another ferry tour that takes you to another charming island, where you can visit its towns, villages and beaches.
36. Trogir Tour: A bus tour that takes you to a UNESCO-listed medieval town that has a rich architectural heritage and a lovely waterfront promenade.
37. Omiš Tour: Another bus tour that takes you to a picturesque town at the mouth of the Cetina River, where you can try rafting, zip-lining or rock climbing.
38. Makarska Tour: Yet another bus tour that takes you to a coastal town that has a long pebbly beach, a palm-fringed promenade and a vibrant nightlife scene.
39. Šibenik Tour: One more bus tour that takes you to an old town that boasts two UNESCO-listed monuments: the Cathedral of St James and the St Nicholas Fortress.
40. Blue Lagoon Tour: A speedboat tour that takes you to a small island with crystal-clear water where you can swim, snorkel or sunbathe.

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