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Things To Do In Sundsvall – Best Tourist Attractions In Sundsvall

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If you are looking for things to do in Sundsvall, you have come to the right place. Sundsvall is a city in northern Sweden that offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you are interested in culture, nature, history, or adventure, you will find something to suit your taste in Sundsvall. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Sundsvall and give you some tips on how to make the most of your trip. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Sundsvall that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Sundsvall? Discover the best tourist attractions in Sundsvall:

  1. Norra Berget: A park with a playground, an observation tower, a museum and an open-air zoo.
  2. Birsta City: A shopping mall with a food court and various stores, such as IKEA and Bauhaus.
  3. Kulturmagasinet: A cultural center with a library, a café, a museum and a gift shop.
  4. Himlabadet: A sports complex with an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa and a relax center.
  5. Thailändska paviljongen: A Thai pavilion in the countryside, built as a gift from Thailand to Sweden.
  6. Vangavan Fontan: A fountain built in 1886, located in the city center.
  7. Klampenborgs Naturreservat: A nature reserve with an island and hiking trails.
  8. Sundsvalls stenstad: A historic neighborhood with stone buildings and walking areas.
  9. Friluftscentrum Södra Berget: A cross-country ski area on a hill overlooking the city.
  10. Klockhuset I Skadom: A specialty museum with a collection of clocks and watches.
  11. Gustav Adolfs kyrka: A church built in 1894, named after King Gustav II Adolf.
  12. Sidsjon: A lake with a beach and a nature area.
  13. Långhuset i Viskan: A longhouse from the 18th century, used as a museum and a cultural venue.
  14. Sundsvalls Climbing Gym: A sports camp with climbing walls and courses for all levels.
  15. Stora Torget: A large square with a statue of King Oscar II and an ice-skating rink in winter.
  16. Mittsverigebanan: An auto racing track with events and competitions.
  17. Mjösunds Begravningsplats: A cemetery with graves of notable people from Sundsvall’s history.
  18. Galtstroms Bruk: An industrial heritage site with a blast furnace, a forge and a mill.
  19. Sundsvalls Slalombacke: A ski slope with lifts and snow cannons.
  20. Grenforsen: A waterfall on the Indalsälven river, accessible by a footbridge.
  21. Sundsvalls Konferenscenter: A conference center with meeting rooms and catering services.
  22. Sundsvalls Museum: A museum with exhibits on local history, art and culture.
  23. Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall: A casino with slot machines, table games and a restaurant.
  24. Sundsvalls Teater: A theater with performances of drama, musicals and comedy.
  25. Sundsvalls Konsthall: An art gallery with exhibitions of contemporary art.
  26. Sundsvalls Flygplats: An airport with domestic and international flights.
  27. Sundsvalls Golfklubb Kvissleby: A golf club with an 18-hole course and a clubhouse.
  28. Sundsvalls Tidning Arena: A football stadium with a capacity of 8,800 spectators.
  29. Sundsvalls Bowlinghall AB: A bowling alley with lanes, billiards and a bar.
  30. Sundsvalls Hamn AB: A port with cargo and passenger terminals and a marina.
  31. Sundsvalls Centralstation: A railway station with trains to Stockholm, Umeå and Östersund.
  32. Sundsvalls Turistbyrå: A tourist office with information and brochures on Sundsvall’s attractions.
  33. Sundsvalls Stadsbibliotek: A public library with books, magazines, newspapers and computers.
  34. Sundsvalls Stadshus: The city hall of Sundsvall, built in 1912 in neo-Renaissance style.
  35. Sundsvalls Djurpark AB: An animal park with exotic and domestic animals, such as monkeys, camels and goats.
  36. Sundsvalls Konstförening: An art association that organizes exhibitions, lectures and workshops on art.
  37. Sundsvalls Motorstadion: A motor stadium with motocross, speedway and rallycross tracks.
  38. Sundsvalls Kyrka: A church built in 1893, with a Gothic Revival style and a 65-meter tower.
  39. Sundsvalls Vandrarhem: A hostel with rooms, a kitchen and a laundry room.
  40. Sundsvalls Folkets Hus: A cultural center with a cinema, a theater and a café.

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