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Things To Do In Surin – Best Tourist Attractions In Surin

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If you are looking for things to do in Surin, you have come to the right place. Surin is a province in northeastern Thailand that is famous for its elephants, silk, and Khmer culture. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Surin that you can visit during your trip. Whether you are interested in history, nature, or culture, you will find something to enjoy in Surin. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Surin that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Surin? Discover the best tourist attractions in Surin:

  1. Save Elephant Foundation – Surin Project: A nature and wildlife area where you can interact with elephants in a humane and ethical way.
  2. City Pillar Shrine: A modern shrine with Khmer architecture symbols that is always clean and well-maintained .
  3. Surin National Museum: A museum that displays artifacts and exhibits related to the history and culture of Surin, in Thai and English .
  4. Ban Tha Sawang Silk Weaving Village: A village where you can see the unique and impressive process of silk weaving, and buy high-quality silk products .
  5. Prasat Si Khoraphum: A 12th century Khmer temple with five brick towers that feature sculptures of Apsaras (female dancers) and Hindu gods .
  6. Wat Burapharam: A temple that houses a sacred Buddha image and a museum of Buddhist relics .
  7. Phanom Sawai Forest Park: A park that has a selection of Buddha statues on top of a hill, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  8. Prasat Ban Pluang: A 10th-11th century Khmer shrine built in the Bapuan architectural style, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.
  9. Huai Saneng: A lake that is famous for its roasted lotus seeds, a snack product of Surin province .
  10. Prasat Phum Pon: A group of ancient Khmer temples that showcase the craftsmanship and artistry of the past.
  11. Robinson Surin: A department store and shopping mall that has a variety of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options .
  12. Surin Elephant Round-up: A cultural event that celebrates the elephant as a symbol of Surin, featuring elephant shows, parades, and competitions .
  13. Saran Water Park: A water park that has slides, pools, and other fun activities for kids and adults alike .
  14. Prasat Mueang Thi: A small Khmer temple that is located near the border with Cambodia.
  15. Phraya Surin Pakdee Srinarong Jangwang (Pum) Monument: A monument dedicated to the founder and first lord of Surin, who was also a war hero and a patron of Buddhism .
  16. Wat Salaloy: A temple that has a large reclining Buddha statue and a colorful pagoda.
  17. Surin Phiphitthaphan Kammatthan – Atthi That Wat Burapha Ram: A meditation center that offers courses and retreats for those who want to learn and practice meditation.
  18. King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 80th Birthday Park: A park that was built to commemorate the 80th birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the late king of Thailand.
  19. Surindra Rajabhat University Museum: A museum that showcases the academic and cultural achievements of Surindra Rajabhat University, as well as the local wisdom and heritage of Surin province.
  20. Ban Buthom Basketry Village: A village that is known for its basketry products made from bamboo and rattan, which are used for various purposes such as storage, decoration, and souvenirs.
  21. Ban Khwao Sinarin Handicrafts Village: A village that is famous for its handicrafts made from silver, brass, copper, and wood, such as jewelry, accessories, utensils, and ornaments.
  22. Surin Ruam Phaet Hospital: A hospital that provides medical services and facilities for the people of Surin province and nearby areas.
  23. Tha Tum District Cultural Center: A cultural center that displays the history, culture, and way of life of Tha Tum district, which is one of the oldest and most diverse districts in Surin province.
  24. Ban Nong Bua: A village that is home to the Kui people, an ethnic group that has a distinctive culture and language, and a close relationship with elephants.
  25. Phanom Dong Rak Wildlife Sanctuary: A wildlife sanctuary that covers an area of 265 square kilometers, and protects various species of animals and plants, such as bantengs, gaurs, deer, monkeys, birds, orchids, and bamboo.
  26. Prasat Yoei Ngao: A Khmer temple that dates back to the 11th century, and consists of three brick towers on a laterite platform, decorated with carvings of gods and animals.
  27. Prasat Ban Phluang: A Khmer temple that was built in the 11th century, and has a single brick tower on a sandstone base, with a lintel depicting the god Vishnu on his mount Garuda.
  28. Prasat Ban Phlai: A Khmer temple that was constructed in the 11th century, and has a single brick tower with a sandstone door frame and a lintel showing the god Shiva and his consort Uma.
  29. Prasat Ban Bu: A Khmer temple that was erected in the 11th century, and has a single brick tower with a sandstone door frame and a lintel depicting the god Indra on his mount Airavata.
  30. Prasat Chom Phra: A Khmer temple that was built in the 10th-11th century, and has two brick towers on a laterite platform, with lintels showing scenes from Hindu mythology.
  31. Prasat Ban Phluang Scientific Study Center: A scientific study center that conducts research and education on the Khmer temples and culture in Surin province.
  32. Surin Clock Tower: A clock tower that is located in the center of Surin city, and serves as a landmark and a meeting point for locals and visitors.
  33. Surin Railway Station: A railway station that is part of the northeastern line of the State Railway of Thailand, and connects Surin city with other provinces and regions.
  34. Surin Bus Terminal: A bus terminal that provides transportation services for passengers who want to travel to and from Surin province by bus.
  35. Surin Fresh Market: A fresh market that sells a variety of products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, flowers, herbs, spices, snacks, and cooked food.
  36. Surin Plaza: A plaza that is located near the Surin Clock Tower, and hosts various events and activities such as concerts, festivals, fairs, and exhibitions.
  37. Surin City Hall: A city hall that is the administrative center of Surin municipality, and houses the offices of the mayor and other officials.
  38. Surin Provincial Stadium: A provincial stadium that is used for sports and recreational purposes, such as football, athletics, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and aerobics.
  39. Surin College of Agriculture and Technology: A college that offers vocational education and training in the fields of agriculture and technology.
  40. Surin Vocational College: A college that provides vocational education and training in various disciplines such as accounting, business administration, computer science, tourism, hospitality, nursing, and beauty culture.

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