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Things To Do In Tabriz – Best Tourist Attractions In Tabriz

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Looking for things to do in Tabriz? Discover the best tourist attractions in Tabriz:

  1. Kandovan: A historic village with cone-shaped houses carved into the rocks.
  2. Bazaar of Tabriz: A UNESCO-listed bazaar with 24 caravanserais and 22 domes, selling various goods and crafts.
  3. Colorful Mountains of Tabriz: A natural wonder with different hues of rocks and soil.
  4. Qajar Museum (Amir Nezam House): A beautiful Qajar-era mansion with a garden and a museum.
  5. Goey Mosque: A stunning mosque with intricate blue mosaics and a carved wooden door.
  6. Azerbaijan Museum: A museum with a collection of artifacts from different periods of Iran’s history.
  7. Shahgoli Park: A park with an artificial lake, a hilltop palace, and a telecabin.
  8. Poets Tomb (Maqbaratol Shoara): A modernist mausoleum for famous poets, including Ostad Shahriyar.
  9. Ark Mosque (Ark-e-alishah): A remnant of a 14th-century citadel with a brick portal and a dome.
  10. Laleh Park Mall: A shopping center with a food court, a cinema, and a hypermarket.
  11. Municipality Building: A 1930s German-designed building with an eagle-shaped facade and a museum in the basement.
  12. Saat Square: A square with a clock tower and a fountain.
  13. Eynali Mount: A mountain with hiking trails, a telecabin, and a zip-line.
  14. Iron Age Museum: An archaeological site with ancient tombs and objects from the Iron Age.
  15. Jame Mosque (Masjid-e-jame): A Seljuk-era mosque with a brick-vaulted prayer hall and an octagonal minaret.
  16. Tabriz Bazaar: The largest covered bazaar in the world, with sections for spices, carpets, jewelry, and more.
  17. Blue Mosque: A 15th-century mosque with turquoise mosaics and calligraphy.
  18. Arg-e Tabriz: The ruins of an ancient fortification that once housed the royal palace.
  19. Poets’ Mausoleum: A striking concrete structure that commemorates poet Ostad Shahriyar and others.
  20. Elgoli Park: A popular park with a lake, an island, and a fairground.
  21. Shahriyar House Museum: The preserved house of poet Ostad Shahriyar, with his belongings and books.
  22. Architecture Faculty, Islamic Arts University: A trio of impressive Qajar-era mansions with colonnades and ponds.
  23. Imam Khomeini Mosalla: A huge unfinished prayer hall that has been under construction for decades.
  24. Municipal Hall: An iconic 1930s building that dominates Sa’at Square and hosts the city hall.
  25. Masjed-e Jameh: An impressive Seljuk-era mosque at the western end of the bazaar.
  26. Amir Bazaar: The jewelry section of the bazaar, where locals buy gold to protect against inflation.
  27. Qajar Museum: An elegant Qajar-era mansion that was a headquarters during the constitutional revolution.
  28. Museum of Measurement: A museum in a restored Qajar mansion that displays instruments for measuring weight, length, time, etc..
  29. Constitution House: A charming Qajar-era courtyard house that was also a headquarters during the constitutional revolution.
  30. Coppersmith Bazaar: The section of the bazaar where coppersmiths hammer their products in sync.
  31. Carpet Bazaar: The section of the bazaar where carpets of various designs and sizes are sold.
  32. Spice Bazaar: The section of the bazaar where spices, herbs, remedies, and henna are sold.
  33. Tabriz Historic House Museum: A museum that showcases the architecture and lifestyle of historic houses in Tabriz.
  34. El Goli: A historic park with a lake, a palace, and a garden.
  35. Kabood Mosque: Another name for the Blue Mosque.
  36. Tabriz Fire Fighting Tower: A tower that was used to spot and fight fires in the city.
  37. Saint Mary Church: A 12th-century Armenian church with a bell tower and a museum.
  38. Behnam House: A 19th-century house with a garden, a fountain, and a museum.
  39. Tabriz Museum of Natural History: A museum that displays fossils, minerals, animals, and plants.
  40. Tabriz Botanical Garden: A garden that features various species of flowers, trees, and herbs.

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