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Things To Do In Urgup – Best Tourist Attractions In Urgup

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If you are looking for a unique and memorable destination, you might want to consider visiting Urgup, a town in the Cappadocia region of Turkey. Urgup is famous for its fairy chimneys, cave hotels, and hot air balloon rides. But there are also many other things to do in Urgup that will make your trip unforgettable. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best tourist attractions in Urgup and give you some tips on how to enjoy them. Whether you are interested in history, culture, nature, or adventure, you will find something to suit your taste among the top tourist attractions in Urgup. Here are some of the things to do in Urgup that you should not miss.

Looking for things to do in Urgup? Discover the best tourist attractions in Urgup:

  1. Goreme Open Air Museum: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with rock-cut churches and frescoes from the 10th to 12th centuries.
  2. Pigeon Valley: A scenic valley with rock formations and hundreds of pigeon houses carved into the cliffs.
  3. Uchisar Castle: The highest point in Cappadocia, offering panoramic views of the region and its fairy chimneys.
  4. Monks Valley: A valley with mushroom-shaped rock pinnacles and a monastery carved into the rocks.
  5. Rose Valley: A valley with colorful rock formations and hiking trails that lead to hidden churches and caves.
  6. Zelve Open Air Museum: An ancient settlement with cave houses, churches, mosques and a mill.
  7. Ozkonak Underground City: An underground complex with tunnels, rooms, ventilation shafts and traps that was used as a refuge by early Christians.
  8. Ortahisar: A town with a rock castle and a museum of ethnography and history.
  9. Temenni Wishing Hill: A hill with a tomb, a fountain and a panoramic view of Urgup.
  10. Nikolos Monastery: A Byzantine monastery with frescoes and a chapel dedicated to Saint Nicholas.
  11. Cappadocia Art and History Museum: A museum that displays artifacts, paintings and sculptures related to the history and culture of Cappadocia.
  12. Asmali Konak: A mansion that was used as a filming location for a popular Turkish TV series.
  13. Pancarlik Valley: A valley with green fields, orchards and rock formations.
  14. Kayakapi Premium Caves: A luxury hotel that offers cave rooms with modern amenities and views of the valley.
  15. Turasan Wine Factory: A winery that produces local wines from grapes grown in volcanic soil.
  16. Urgup Museum: A museum that showcases the history, culture and traditions of Urgup and its people.
  17. Cappadocia Cave Dwellings: A collection of cave houses that date back to the 4th century and are still inhabited by locals.
  18. Sunset Point: A viewpoint that offers stunning views of the sunset over the fairy chimneys and valleys of Cappadocia.
  19. Peri Bacalari Fairy Chimneys: A group of fairy chimneys that resemble mushrooms, cones and hats.
  20. Gomeda Valley: A valley with caves, tunnels, churches and rock tombs that was once a hiding place for Christians during the Arab invasions.
  21. Cappadocia Balloon Tours: A company that offers hot air balloon rides over the landscapes of Cappadocia at sunrise or sunset.
  22. Kapadokya Jet Boat: A company that offers jet boat tours on the Kizilirmak River, the longest river in Turkey.
  23. Urgup Balloons: A company that offers hot air balloon rides over the fairy chimneys and valleys of Cappadocia with experienced pilots and guides.
  24. Cappadox Festival: An annual festival that combines music, art, gastronomy and outdoor activities in various locations in Cappadocia.
  25. Goreme National Park: A national park that covers most of the Cappadocia region and protects its natural and cultural heritage.
  26. Devrent Valley: A valley with bizarre rock formations that resemble animals, humans and objects.
  27. Avanos: A town famous for its pottery making tradition that dates back to the Hittites.
  28. Ihlara Valley: A valley with a 16 km long gorge and over 100 rock-cut churches along the Melendiz River.
  29. Derinkuyu Underground City: The largest underground city in Cappadocia, with eight levels and a capacity of 20,000 people.
  30. Selime Monastery: The largest rock-cut monastery in Cappadocia, with a cathedral, chapels, kitchens and living quarters carved into a cliff face.
  31. Soganli Valley: A valley with rock-cut churches, monasteries, tombs and dovecotes from various periods of history.
  32. Kaymakli Underground City: The second largest underground city in Cappadocia, with four levels open to visitors and a complex network of tunnels and rooms.
  33. Cavusin Village: An old village with cave houses, churches and a castle carved into the rocks.
  34. Esentepe Viewpoint: A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of Goreme and its surroundings.
  35. Goreme Panorama: A viewpoint that offers a panoramic view of the fairy chimneys and valleys of Cappadocia.
  36. Love Valley: A valley with phallic-shaped rock formations that are a result of erosion.
  37. Red Valley: A valley with red-colored rock formations and hiking trails that lead to hidden churches and caves.
  38. Fairy Chimneys: The iconic rock formations of Cappadocia that were formed by volcanic eruptions and erosion over millions of years.
  39. Urgup Bazaar: A local market that sells fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, cheese, honey and other products from the region.
  40. Cappadocia Horse Riding: A company that offers horse riding tours in the valleys and villages of Cappadocia with experienced guides and horses.

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