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Things To Do In Yogyakarta – Best Tourist Attractions In Yogyakarta

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Looking for things to do in Yogyakarta? Discover the best tourist attractions in Yogyakarta:

  1. Taman Pintar Science Park: A fun and educational place for kids and adults to learn about science and technology.
  2. Yogyakarta Palace: The historical residence of the sultans of Yogyakarta, with cultural performances and museum collections.
  3. Yogyakarta Monument: A towering landmark that commemorates the struggle for Indonesian independence.
  4. Jogokariyan Mosque: A unique mosque with a colorful dome and a modern design.
  5. Sosrowijayan Street: A lively street with many shops, restaurants, bars, and hotels for backpackers and tourists.
  6. Borobudur Temple: The largest Buddhist temple in the world, with stunning reliefs and stupas.
  7. Prambanan Temple: The largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia, with impressive architecture and sculptures.
  8. Jomblang Cave: A spectacular vertical cave with a ray of light shining through the opening.
  9. Timang Beach: A scenic beach with a thrilling gondola ride and a lobster feast.
  10. Merapi Volcano: An active volcano that offers adventurous tours and panoramic views.
  11. Ramayana Ballet: A cultural show that depicts the epic story of Ramayana through dance and music.
  12. Selogriyo Temple: A small temple surrounded by rice terraces and a hidden waterfall.
  13. Water Castle (Tamansari): A former royal garden with pools, pavilions, and underground tunnels.
  14. Wedi Ombo Beach: A beach with a natural lagoon where you can chill and watch the sunset.
  15. Kalibiru National Park: A nature park with stunning viewpoints, zip lines, and tree houses.
  16. Ullen Sentalu Museum: A museum that showcases the culture and history of the Javanese royal families.
  17. Malioboro Street: The main shopping street in Yogyakarta, with many stalls, vendors, and street performers.
  18. Ratu Boko Temple: An ancient palace complex with ruins, terraces, and a view of Prambanan Temple.
  19. Mount Nglanggeran: An ancient volcano that offers hiking trails, camping spots, and star gazing opportunities.
  20. Gudeg Yu Djum: A famous restaurant that serves gudeg, a traditional dish of young jackfruit stewed in coconut milk and spices.
  21. Kraton Ratu Boko Restaurant: A restaurant that offers fine dining with a view of Ratu Boko Temple and Prambanan Temple.
  22. ViaVia Jogja: A cafe that serves organic food, fair trade coffee, and local crafts.
  23. Milas Vegetarian Resto: A vegetarian restaurant that has a cozy atmosphere, a library, and a playground for kids.
  24. Epic Coffee & Epilog Furniture: A cafe that sells coffee and furniture made from recycled wood and metal.
  25. Klinik Kopi: A coffee shop that roasts its own beans and brews them according to your preference.
  26. Kotagede: A historic district that was once the capital of the Mataram Sultanate, with silver workshops, old houses, and mosques.
  27. Tugu Jogja: A monument that marks the center of Yogyakarta and symbolizes the unity of the people.
  28. Sonobudoyo Museum: A museum that displays various artifacts from Java, Bali, Lombok, and other islands.
  29. Affandi Museum: A museum that exhibits the paintings and personal belongings of Affandi, a famous Indonesian artist.
  30. Benteng Vredeburg Museum: A museum that was once a Dutch fortress, with dioramas depicting the history of Indonesia.
  31. Goa Pindul: A cave where you can enjoy river tubing along the underground stream.
  32. Sri Gethuk Waterfall: A waterfall that flows from a cave into a river surrounded by greenery.
  33. Parangtritis Beach: A popular beach with black sand, rolling waves, and sand dunes.
  34. Indrayanti Beach: A beautiful beach with white sand, turquoise water, and colorful umbrellas.
  35. Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo: A desert-like area with sand dunes where you can try sandboarding or riding an ATV.
  36. Kaliurang: A mountain resort area at the foot of Merapi Volcano, with cool weather and natural attractions.
  37. Punthuk Setumbu: A hill that offers a stunning view of Borobudur Temple and the misty mountains at sunrise.
  38. Mangunan Fruit Garden: A fruit plantation that has a pine forest, a bamboo bridge, and a glass skywalk.
  39. Breksi Cliff Park: A former mining site that has been transformed into a park with rock carvings and sculptures.
  40. Alun-Alun Kidul: A public square that has colorful lights, pedicabs, and a game of blindfolding.

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