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Things To Do In Zagreb – Best Tourist Attractions In Zagreb

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Looking for things to do in Zagreb? Discover the best tourist attractions in Zagreb:

  1. Museum of Broken Relationships: A unique museum that displays objects and stories related to failed love affairs.
  2. Mirogoj: A beautiful cemetery and park with historic tombs and monuments.
  3. Croatian Museum of Naive Art: A museum that showcases paintings and sculptures by self-taught artists.
  4. St. Mark’s Church: A stunning church with a colorful tiled roof that bears the coats of arms of Croatia and Zagreb.
  5. Zagreb Cathedral: A majestic Gothic cathedral that was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1880.
  6. Tkalciceva Street: A lively street with cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars.
  7. Dolac Market: A vibrant open-air market where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, and flowers.
  8. Ban Jelacic Square: The main square of Zagreb where you can see the statue of Ban Jelacic, a 19th-century Croatian leader.
  9. Zagreb 360 Observation Deck: A panoramic view of the city from the 16th floor of a skyscraper.
  10. Lotrscak Tower: A medieval tower that fires a cannon every day at noon.
  11. Zagreb Funicular: A short but scenic ride that connects the Upper Town and the Lower Town.
  12. Stone Gate: A historic gate that houses a chapel with a painting of the Virgin Mary that survived a fire in 1731.
  13. Art Park Zagreb: A green oasis with murals, sculptures, and events.
  14. Zrinjevac Park: A lovely park with fountains, statues, and a music pavilion.
  15. Croatian National Theatre: A neo-baroque building that hosts opera, ballet, and drama performances.
  16. Jarun Lake: A recreational area with beaches, sports facilities, and nightlife options.
  17. Zagreb Zoo: A family-friendly zoo with over 2,000 animals from around the world.
  18. Technical Museum Nikola Tesla: A museum that exhibits various aspects of science and technology, including a replica of Tesla’s laboratory.
  19. Botanical Garden: A peaceful garden with over 10,000 plant species and a greenhouse.
  20. Mimara Museum: A museum that displays a collection of art from various periods and regions, donated by Ante Topic Mimara.
  21. Medvednica Nature Park: A mountainous park that offers hiking trails, ski slopes, and a medieval fortress.
  22. Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters: A gallery that showcases paintings by European masters from the 14th to the 19th century.
  23. Archaeological Museum: A museum that exhibits artifacts from prehistoric times to the Middle Ages, including a mummy with the longest Etruscan inscription.
  24. Ethnographic Museum: A museum that displays traditional costumes, crafts, and folk art from Croatia and other countries.
  25. Museum of Contemporary Art: A museum that features works by Croatian and international artists from the 20th and 21st century.
  26. Zagreb City Museum: A museum that traces the history and culture of Zagreb through various exhibits and multimedia presentations.
  27. Grič Tunnel: A tunnel that was built during World War II and now serves as a cultural venue for events and exhibitions.
  28. Ilica Street: A long and busy street that is one of the main shopping areas in Zagreb.
  29. King Tomislav Square: A square that honors the first king of Croatia and has a fountain and a park.
  30. Kaptol Square: A square that is dominated by the Zagreb Cathedral and has several historic buildings around it.
  31. Zrinjevac Fountain: A fountain that is decorated with sculptures of four seasons and plays music at night.
  32. Strossmayer Promenade: A promenade that offers a panoramic view of the city and hosts various cultural events during summer.
  33. Croatian History Museum: A museum that displays documents, artifacts, and photographs related to Croatian history from medieval times to present day.
  34. Maksimir Park: A large park with forests, lakes, streams, and trails.
  35. Backo Mini Express: A miniature railway museum that has over 100 trains and 1,500 meters of tracks.
  36. Museum of Illusions: A museum that challenges your perception with optical illusions and interactive exhibits.
  37. Zagreb Eye Adventure Park: An adventure park that offers zip-lining, climbing, rope courses, and other activities for all ages.
  38. Klovicevi Dvori Gallery: A gallery that hosts temporary exhibitions of art from various genres and periods.
  39. Medvedgrad Castle: A medieval castle that was built on a hill overlooking Zagreb in the 13th century.
  40. Croatian School Museum: A museum that displays items related to the history of education in Croatia.

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